My Favorite Outdoor Christmas Photos II

You may recall My Favorite Outdoor Christmas Photos post from last year. As I sit through dreary rain in Los Angeles waiting to celebrate a white Christmas in Colorado, my mind can’t help but wander to the subject of snow. Watching the Weather Channel isn’t helping, either. Or Christmas movies, either. When I just can’t help it, I begin looking at photos of the powdery goodness and all the decorations that accompany it making me yearn for home that much more. So, I decided to make my time looking at these photos not be entirely wasted by sharing them with you all. Enjoy my favorite outdoor Christmas photos of this year! Merry Christmas!

photo @ Fine Art America

photo @ Non Modern Blog

photo @ Better Photo

photo @ Intoscana

photo @ Foto Blur

photo @ Etimr

photo @ Dean’s Pic

photo @ Midwestern Moms

photo @ Intoscana

photo @ Ninbra

photo @ Misispy

photo @ MI9

photo @ Wallpapers Wide

photo @ Home New Decorating

photo @ Pardee Hospital

photo @ Diana 212

photo @ Tumblr

photo @ 17 Sirens

photo @ My Fotologue

photo @ Betty Jo

photo @ 17 Sirens

photo @ Rsusanto

photo @ Stellar Sky

photo @ Arcreyes

photo @ Euro Travelogue

photo @ Etsy

photo @ Turbo Twister

photo @ Turbo Twister

photo @ Pixdaus

photo @ Euro Travelogue

photo @ Four Shires

photo @ Zimbio

photo @ Travel Top

photo @ Andy Marfia

photo @ BBC

photo @ Wallpapers Up

photo @ Research in Germany

photo @ Colorado Skies Outfitters

photo @ Winchester Cathedral

photo @ Zimbio

photo @ Zimbio

photo @ C Phil

photo @ BBC

photo @ Sun Surfer

photo @ Zimbio

photo @ Etsy

photo @ Wikipedia

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