Alternative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

In my family, the time of opening gifts is immediately succeeded with wading through a sea of paper and boxes to gather up a store’s worth of paper and boxes mostly to be thrown away. It is so very wasteful and we hate it, but we cannot skimp on the decorative beauty that is the presentation of the gift {this is mostly for the sake of my oldest brother — Lindsey’s husband}. So, what is there to do if you want your gifts to be beautiful and garnished without creating a mountain of waste? Try some DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas as alternative to store-bought wrapping paper and decorations! They not only cut down on garbage, they also save you money {which comes in handy especially around Christmas} while making your gifts more unique. Today, I will be going over wrapping paper and gift containers.

Wrapping Paper

photo @ Du Jour Mag

Fabric gift wrap is a sweet touch reminiscent of the old days. It’s also a traditional Japanese way of wrapping things. You can buy fabrics readymade for this or buy plain fabrics and decorate them yourself {such as this}. Try out a few wrapping styles to jumpstart your skills.

photo @ Gil

If you don’t want to buy new fabrics or need some material last minute, try an old shirt. Follow this tutorial to learn just how to reuse those old shirts you thought were now useless.

photo @ Stampington

If you just want some creative wrapping paper try making your own chalkboard wrapping paper.

For a unique take of gift wrapping, use some Christmas carols sheet music. You can print some vintage sheet music here.

photo @ Babble

You can also try to dress up plain butcher paper by layering it with a sheer fabric such as lace.

photo @ DIY Crafts

For those gifts that come in bottles such as wine and bath goods, save yourself from buying a gift bag and try a sweater gift wrap. With just a bit of sewing the end of a sleeve, you’ll have a creative cozy. Top it off with some ribbon for a gift wrap that will stand out.

grocery bag gift wrap for Christmas gifts

Many grocery stores use decorative grocery bag around Christmas, which don their own sets of designs. Sometimes they are beautiful enough to be used as gift wrap themselves. These Trader Joe’s bags can easily be reused DIY Christmas gift wrap. There would not be much difference between this and wrapping paper, either.

newspaper gift wrap

You can always put those old newspapers to use and use them for gift-wrapping like people used to do.

photo @ PNP Flowers Inc

For your baked gifts, decorate them quickly and creatively with a few coffee filters and ribbon.


photo @ Best Health Mag

For a true vintage, homey feel, use an old tin as a gift box.

photo @ Blight Design

Rather than spend money on boxes, put the cereal boxes you already have to good use.

pringles can gift holder

You can turn your Pringles cans into cookie containers. They are great for handing out baked goods to neighbors and friends and you do not have to worry about getting the plate back.

photo @ Punkin Patch

Save your old mint tins to be use as gift card holders.

photo @ Martha Stewart

Head over to Martha Stewart to learn how to make this box with a covered button and a cord.

photo @ Sew Craft Create

 Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a cupcake gift box.

photo @ Just Something I Made

If you don’t know about the wonderful website Just Something I Made, well now you do. The lovely Cathe has posted printable designs for gift boxes, stickers, name tags and more.

photo @ Pickle Bums

Head on over here to find free printable Christmas pillow boxes.

toilet paper roll pillow box gift package

Or, you can make your own pillow box using an old toilet paper roll. They will easy to tear and even easier to throw away.

So, save yourself from an overflowing trash can and save some cash in the process with a few homey and creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping Ideas. If you have any other alternative gift wrapping ideas, let us know below. And, be sure to come back alternative DIY gift decorations, bows and tags ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

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