Retro Stocking Stuffer Toys

I am quite possibly the world’s worst stocking stuffer.  Big gifts? No problem.  Miniature anything that is fun/gorgeous/amazing and under $5o?  Not so much. I have a strict policy of not spending more than $15 on any one thing that goes into stockings.  And I can’t stand those little gag gifts that only serve their purpose for a few minutes and then they’re trashed or forgotten.  I feel like I am being obligated to buy something that no one really wants.  I have a similar animosity towards greeting cards…

Like many things in my life, I completely over-analyze stuffing stockings until I can think of nothing else.  So imagine my utter joy and delight when I stumbled across this treasure trove of gadgets on Amazon.  Not only do they look interesting and marvelous, but most of them are time-tested retro gems with the glowing reviews to back them up.  Even better?  They are all under $15.  I like the retro idea because 1.) my kids will be amazed by something that does not require batteries {okay a couple of them require batteries, but they are cool enough to be worth it} 2.) these would be a nostalgic treat for someone from my parents’ generation. 3.) anyone in between these age groups can still be entertained for hours.

If there is a way to top that for $15, I haven’t found it yet.


Can You Imagine Non-Stop Top – Green According to the reviews, this top really does never stop.  It keeps going and going until you turn it off.  And the lights in it provide a dazzling show while it spins.


Balancing Bird I am so into this bird!  It is weighted so that it can balance on the tip of anything—your finger, your nose, your desk—and look like it is flying in the air.


Toysmith 3-D Mirascope This amazing little illusionist creates a hologram image of any object you place on it’s surface.


Radiometer The vanes in this solar powered bulb spin whenever the sun is shining on them.  It is comprised of thin glass, so it’s best to stick to the manufacture’s age recommendations.


Original Gyroscope  A great way to get kids interested in physics, or just have fun defying gravity.


Hand Boiler These looped and twisted glass sculptures contain a liquid that will “boil” as heat is transferred from your bare hand. Simply hold the large bulb end in the palm of your hand and within minutes, your body heat will cause the liquid to rise.  Again due to glass construction, you should heed age recommendations.


Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Kit Use the metal pennies provided to make various magnetic towering creations.


Tricky Dogs  These magnetic pups are so cute!  They chase tails and kiss noses whenever they are near each other.


SS Adams Amazing Flying Butterfly Just wind up this beautiful little butterfly and watch it take off!  If you are feeling sinister you can hide it in a book, under a dish or in some other inconspicuous place to scare the bejesus out of loved ones when it takes off.


Eviltron This gadget is meant to drive the people around you INsane.  Just set it to one of the six settings like whispering “Hey, can you hear me?”, hide it in someone’s room/office and watch the chaos ensue.


Tangle Creations Tangle Jr. This sensory toy is perfect for fidgety folks and curious ones alike.  The tactile feel is soothing and the design can be mesmerizing.  It is ideal for special needs like Autism, but can useful for calming and occupying anyone.


Hyperflex Stretchy String I had to throw this in because of it’s price and RAVE reviews.  It is a stretchy string thing that can be pulled or flicked from 12 inches up to 10 feet.  I still don’t really get the draw.  But people seem to love it so much, I am going to order it just to see what the buzz is about.

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