Unique Christmas Light Decorating

Last weekend Moviestar and I decorated our apartment for Christmas. We went out and got our tree, pulled all the Christmas boxes out of storage and got to work.  Now, I dont know about any of you but we like to get Christmas going really early.  Usually we get our tree the first or second weekend of December and of course this time we did the first. Mostly that is because we will only get to enjoy it for about 2 weeks, then it’s off to {hopefully} snowy Colorado to visit the in-laws.  The whole family will be there and I just can’t wait. I’m so into the Christmas season this year that after decorating and hanging all sorts of lights all over {Moviestar is obsessed with Christmas lights} I started looking into more unique ways to use our lights.

I’ve always been a big fan of wrapping lights around things but usually I do it around these large Christmas tree candles I have.  Look around your home to find something. What do you have?

Bottles are a pretty yet rustic way to decorate all year round and I usually use them as vases. But this idea is so classically beautiful and surprisingly modern that if I were you…. I’d run out and empty a a few bottles so I could make this. Uh, no I don’t mean drink them all….. crazy 🙂

This one has the same feel. Beautiful for outside.

This is so cool. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Find a blank wall, some tacks and go for it.

I want to tell my mom to do this. My parents have a long stair case I think this would look so gorgeous.

This sparkly hallway is right up the same alley. But simpler and a great way to cover and decorate a blank wall. I’m going to try this one in my room.

Okay so this is nice right? It’s got a nice rustic feel to it but the green goblets and clean lined chairs help it have that traditional feel. I have a ceiling fan above my dining table. You think I can wrap it around the blades? huh, huh…

Honestly this is my favorite idea of all. Especially if you do not have a working fireplace.  I would probably get some logs {real or fake} and drape the lights along them, that way it at least feels more like a fire. Isn’t that so cool. Now if only I had a fireplace….

Well, I hope these unique Christmas light decorating ideas have inspired you to think outside the box as you make your home pretty for the holidays!

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