Handmade Christmas Gifts: Quoted Canvas Tote

Ahh… now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for Christmas. Well, for you maybe. Moviestar loves Thanksgiving but says Christmas time starts after Halloween.  So it’s been Christmas in my house since November 1st. All this time I’ve been thinking about what I want to give people for Christmas.  As you know, I like to be crafty. I like to make things. And I especially like to make things for people as gifts.  Like that Stuffed Owl I made for Lily and the small Canvas Art piece for my Step-Fathers beach house office.

So, I decided that every week until Christmas I am going to put up a different craft tutorial that you can make and give as a handmade Christmas gift to someone in your life.  They’re all a bit on the easy side and won’t take too long to make but check back every week on Thursday for a new one so you can get a jump start on your gift!

This week, it’s a Quoted Canvas Tote.

First thing you want to do is gather your materials. A tote bag {in white or ivory will dye best}, some blue Elmers glue gel {the white stuff wont work} and your dye color choice. I chose black because I wear a lot of black and wanted something to go with it.

Rinse your tote in cold water until fully wet.

Then lye the tote down your work space but put a non-absorbent hard surface {like a plastic tub top} in between the tote. This will keep the glue from bleeding through to the other side.

Then the fun part begins! Pick your saying, quote or song lyrics and start writing. I chose song lyrics from my favorite band.

Now let it dry fully. I may take up to an entire day.

Once dry, follow the dye box instructions to prepare the dye then put your tote in the dye.  Let it set for as long as you’d like to get your desired color.

Rinse the tote until the water runs clean. It’s a good idea to wear gloves or you might end up with black hands…..

Then you have to wash the tote to remove any excess glue. Use a mild detergent and follow you dye package instructions.

Rinse one more time!

Once the bag is completely dry feel free to add some embellishments.  I added a few flowers and a fun dangler. I just stitched them on simply.


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