My Top Ten Thanksgiving Desserts

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on it’s way. Mmmm…. Thanksgiving…. {in a drooling Homer Simpson kind of way}.

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this but I’m a dessert kind of girl. Okay, that’s way to modest. I CRAVE sweets. Like crazy. Needless to say, as I’ve been thinking about Turkey Day my mind has been on the desserts. I figured that I’d show you what I’ve been craving.  Don’t think Thanksgiving desserts dictate you eat just pumpkin pie.  There is much more out there. Soooo much more……. and here it is.

10. Pumpkin Spice Hot White Chocolate

Now I know this is a drink but in my book it’s a dessert too. And when you are too full from gorging on Turkey and stuffing to fit pie in your belly, this drink may just hit the spot.

9. Poached Pear Tart with Chai Spiced Custard & Almond Crust 

This may not seem like a Thanksgiving dessert but if it’s Fall-like and it’s decadent, then you will fit in on Thanksgiving day. This tart certainly meets those qualifications.

8. Pear, Cranberry, and Gingersnap Crumble

Again with the pear? And… uh… Lindsey… a crumble? Yes, ma’am, a crumble.  It’s sweet and full of all those yummy fall flavors that you want but it’s not too rich. And…. it doesn’t have pumpkin so you could pair it up next to a Grandmas famous pumpkin pie and not insult her talent.

7. Sweet Potato Butter Rum Cobbler

Okay, okay enough with the crumbles and cobblers. But hey! They can say “Thanksgiving!” too. I would only make this one if you don’t make yams as a dinner side. I’m absolutely nuts about yams {another Homer moment}. More than anyone I know. However, if I had just eaten a bunch of them with dinner, I wouldn’t want them with dessert.  But sweet potatoes…. er… Yams {who knows anymore} are amazing so I’d probably eat them both because both recipes are delectable.

6. Cranberry Ice Cream 

After all these scrumptious crumbles and cobblers, I think we need a little ice cream. This old place in Alhambra, CA Fosselman’s has amazing pumpkin ice cream, and that would be oh so wonderful too but with rich desserts, the ice cream might want to be a bit more fresh like this cranberry recipe. Hope you have an ice cream maker! {or just go buy it… Fosselman’s has a Cranberry sorbet. That’s fresh!}

5. Pumpkin Bread Pudding

We made this at Bonnie’s house 2 nights ago and it was delish! I mean really great. Deb from SK calls for a decent amount of butter which we put in the other night.  However we felt it could go with only half the amount called for, if you are like the Pretty Girls and like to play desserts a little more healthy.

4. Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

My mom makes a killer 4th of July Trifle so when I saw this, I knew I had to pass it along to her. Perhaps it will find it’s way into our family’s traditions?

3. Pecan Cranberry Pie

This is a recipe I myself make every year.  I wish I cold take credit for this beautifully scrumptious pie but low and behold it comes from Williams Sonoma. It’s amazing, trust me.   The tartiness of the cranberries helps tame the sweetness of the traditional pecan pie so even folks who think pecan pie is too rich will love it. It’s so yummy and a hit every year.

2. Caramel Apple Pie

Apple Pie {like Pumpkin Pie} is a Thanksgiving necessity. But I always like having a twist on traditional pies, like this. Heather gives a great tutorial with step-by-step instructions and pictures so it’s pretty much fool proof. I’m doing it this year.  Along with the Pecan Cranberry…. my family is in for it this year.

1. Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is a Thanksgiving Staple and I can’t mess with that. I don’t want to mess with that. I love The Pioneer Woman and trust her recipes and suggestions. She recommends this recipe from Savory Sweet Life {which I’ve never tried} but I trust that it’s amazing.  It’s simple and basic and looks incredibly yummy. If my mom runs out of time I might have to try this one out.


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