My Halloween Scrapbooking

With Halloween just a day away, I began reminiscing of past pumpkin days.  I pulled out some of my scrapbooks and took a stroll down memory lane.  I am always thinking of you {yes you, beloved reader!} and as I was enjoying my stroll I thought you might like to see some Halloween scrapbook layout ideas from my past.  Maybe they’ll inspire you to take more pictures of tomorrow spooky surroundings and then spend some time creating a scrapbook page of this years Halloween for you to cherish as I did moments ago.

Oh 2007… how I miss thee. Aiden and Asa were so very young dressing as Winnie the Pooh and Roo too! And little Avery wasn’t even a twinkle in Bonnie’s eye. I made this page eons ago so its a pretty basic layout but cute, fun and shows how great of a time we had.

I love to use simple stickers like this black cat to spice up a plain picture layout.

What a load of candy these boys got!!!! Do you see that bowl? That’s just two sweet little boys. Trick-or-treating in my neighborhood is awesome.

A super simple and great way to get color, interest and an easy layout is to just add a border to one side of the page like I have here. Make it fun, make it interesting {like using different colored/patterned paper} and add your page title at the top.  Many times I’ll use letters or write out in a fun print but I had this great monster sticker pack and the “Halloween Fright Night” sticker was perfect.

This was the next year 2008 and it was loads of fun too. Us Pretty Girls dressed up but the boys as you can see were no fun at all. Pasadena has some amazing houses to visit with extensive decorating around holidays.  Yes, that is someone’s house up there and every year they load it up, play loud scary music you can hear within a 1 mile radius and let people walk through their frightening display of Halloween horror.

That little fireman and his faithful companion were looking pretty schnazzy in their :::clear of the throat::: blue fire wagon. And with Hippie mom by their side, they couldn’t go wrong at each door.

Oh me and the infamous Moviestar. I joined Bonnie on the hippie front spreading peace and pretty hair all over the town. On this page, I decided to go without the traditional title header and went for a more whimsical “Halloween” through the center of the page.  I think it helps spice up the page – a great way to get away from bland, boring layouts.

As Claire {the gypsy queen} posed for a nice picture with Aiden, my wonderful Moviestar thoughtfully kicked Aiden….. what are uncles for? The one thing I’m big about it changing the way I cut the pictures. Yes, sometimes I do all square or rectangle for a more modern look but I also adore cutting pictures in circles and ovals.  Don’t be afraid to mix up the shapes too as I did – placement is the key.

Lastly, as I mentioned above, using borders like this one is the perfect compliment to your page.  And feel completely free to add another coming from the top or bottom as I did with my snake-like bottom border. Enhance with a few stickers and you’re all set.

Hope you’ve enjoyed following me down Halloween Memory Lane …. and learned a thing or two along the way. Have a fun and safe day tomorrow!

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