{Somewhat} Modest Women’s Halloween Costumes

I am completely neurotic about costumes.  It is bad enough when I am trying to figure out the kids’ costumes.  No cheap store bought stuff.  No fad characters.  It has to look realistic.  It has to look creative.  Nothing too scary.  I know, my poor kids…But it is even worse when I am putting a Halloween costume together for myself.  In addition to the above stipulations, it can’t be over the top(I like to be able to pop inside a grocery store or gas station without being the center of attention), it can’t be too expensive and it can’t make me look, err, uh…open to propositions.

That last one is usually the biggest obstacle.  It seem that a super short mini-skirt is a pre-requisite to most teen and womens’ costumes now.  Some ladies can get away with that, but ever since I became a mom I can’t dress like that without feeling inappropriate.  Usually our family dresses up as a group. One year I was Princess Peach.  Last year I was April O’Neill.  This year I will be Amy from the Sonic series.  Yes, everything is set for the big candy day.

That was until last week when my husband blindsided me with a party obligation.  An adults only Halloween Party!  I haven’t been to one of those in almost ten years.  And I certainly wasn’t going to this one dressed as ‘Amy from Sonic’.  So I now have a new costume quest—to find a grown-up get-up that meets all of my obsessive criteria.

Here are the options that I’ve come up with for womens Halloween costumes.  I am leaning toward the puppet.  What do you think??

p.s. A few of these are borderline ‘too scary’ for my standards, but they were really creative and simple so I included them.


Found at TonyaJoy.com

Comic Girl

Wonder Woman

Found on ThisPrincessRuns Etsy.com shop

Creepy Two-Face

Found at PeachMuse Hubpages.com

 Anime Girl

Found at SnapGuide.com

Classic Raggedy Ann

Found at SkunkBoyBlog.com

Elegant Peacock

Found at brainy-mademoiselle.blogspot.com

Red Riding Hood

Found on KarolinfelixDream etsy.com page

Rosie the Riveter


Joker Mouth

 Pretty Zombie


Ice Queen

And if you are not into dressing up, but still want to be festive try this look…

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