Spooky Halloween Bunting Tutorial

I love buntings. You know, those pendant banners you see around.  Yeah they’re fun.  They make great decor pieces. Especially for holidays.  This Halloween, I wanted to make one. I’m really interested in making a big long one that says “Halloween” or “Trick or Treat”. Something like that. However since I’d never done it before I thought I’d start off small.  This “Boo” bunting is cute and super easy to make.  Here’s how I did it:

Spooky Halloween Bunting

{Mind you it was dreary and rainy the day I made this. A nice change of pace for So Cal’s 90+ weather.}

1. First let’s gather our materials. I used felt for pretty much everything.  It’s inexpensive, easy to use and makes for a fun banner. Then either purchase or create your own letters and character. I had every intention of making my own letters etc. but I wanted this first one to be as easy as possible. What I didn’t realize is that finding what I wanted in felt was going to be hard.  I drove around all over town, went into every craft and fabric store only to come out empty handed.  In the end I had to buy a craft project from Target and make them work for this {for the next one I’ll make my own of everything}.

2. Next I cut out my bunting flags. I measured these 6×6.  Obviously they are triangles but went squared they are 6in. across and 6in. down.

3. In order to get them to stick to the bunting, I added Stitch Witchery to the back of the letters.  You could hot glue but it always pulls on fabric a bit and causes it bunch up.  Stitch Witchery {or Wonder Under} is easy to apply and makes fabric stick amazingly. Just follow the instructions on the package in order to know how to properly apply your adhesive of choice.

4. My package had me cutting out a section of the Stitch Witchery and placing on back of fabric.  Then it’s time to press. Bust out your iron folks!

5. All you have to do is press for about 5 seconds. Once it cools, cut around your letter and then pull the paper backing off. Now your letters are ready to stick to the bunting.

6. Since the Stitch Witchery is already on the letter, just set it where you want it and then press for 10-15 seconds. Then viola!

7. Lastly, I sewed the orange ribbon across the top of each pendant to attach them together and finish it off.  Make sure you leave enough slack on each end to tie your new bunting.

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