Decorative Ways to Use Wheel Barrows this Fall

Fall is a great time to make your home look and feel a bit more rustic and as I was trying to figure out exactly how to do that, I thought of wheel barrows. I do not have one but Bonnie did a wonder fall post on practical uses for pumpkins and that gave me the idea. These are a few of my suggestions for decorating with wheel barrows.

This is the most traditional or basic way to use a wheel barrow as home decor: a planter. You’ll find ideas for it everywhere. But what I adored about this one was that it was filled to the gills with everything Autumn has to offer. This wheel barrow would also look great with firewood pied inside sitting right next to your fireplace… wouldn’t it? I know it would.


No, this is not your traditional wheel barrow {its just made to look like one} but I dug the idea of using it as a side table with books or whatever you might need in it.  The apples are a nice fall touch.

I know you are probably thinking “A wheel barrow as a chair? Come on now.” But I got a kick out of this.  I think it makes a great porch addition. And a comfy one too!

This was just an amazing idea that I so want to use. Here they just added some palette wood to the top and viola! Instant rustic fall coffee table.

Okay now I know this is a wheel barrow full of fabric scraps {not really home decorish} but when I saw it I immediately thought of filling a wheel barrow with things to use it in a practical sense. So, put your barrow in a corner and use it to house blankets and pillows when not in use. But it would also be a great place to hold your kids stuffed animals or toys, even story books.

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