Apple Picking and A Savory Apple Sandwich

My boys and I have a standing date to pick apples together during the last week of every September.  It’s an engagement that I hope they will keep for at least 20 more years or so.  We head about an hour away to a town called Tehachapi.  We are super blessed to have a friend who knows one of the orchard owners in this little farming town.  Every year she organizes a private tour followed by free reign to pluck from their flourishing apple trees.  There is a something about the dirt roads, the haystacks and the earthy aroma of apples in the air that makes the whole world feel as simple as it did when I was five years old.  Laundry, and deadlines, and homework, and bills, and politics; they all just fade away into the blue sky and golden horizon of the trees—leaving nothing but me, my boys, some good friends, bountiful fruit and a couple glasses of cider.  It is quite possibly the most relaxing two hours of my year, and definitely some of the most memorable.

We came home with a plenitude of smiles and apples.  Claire happened to be visiting for the weekend, so of course we went straight to work on crafting some apple deliciousness.  There were some highs {I will share one with you in a minute} and some lows, like my sad attempt on apple cider donuts.  All in all we got some good eats and had a great time.

Among our apple attempts were an apple crisp, the unmentionable donuts, caramel apples, apple creme salad and a savory apple sandwich.  The sandwich credits go solely to Claire.  She woke up Saturday morning with a craving for a sandwich.  She wasn’t sure what kind of sandwich.  The only requirements were apples and cheese.  We headed off to Trader Joes and found our ingredients: uncured bacon, herbed chicken, a Gouda-like cheese, green onions and sourdough bread.  We threw in a few apple slices from home and created taste bud heaven.  We both thought that it was missing some kind of dressing, but neither of us could put our finger on it.  I was toying around with some kind of pesto, but upon further consideration I think a classic Dijon mustard would suit it well.

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