Wedding Trends: Centerpieces

Changing the pace again, I’ll be talking about wedding centerpieces. Traditional wedding centerpieces usually consist of big flowers of one of a few colors along with some baby’s breath. This is now obviously overdone, causing brides to long for different flowers, flower lengths, colors or an alternative to flowers altogether. This is truly an area of originality for bride (and maybe the groom) when they can let their design skills and personality shine. As with other aspects of the wedding, the trend is a return to old-fashioned beauty, elegance and simplicity.

Most centerpieces nowadays are not simply flowers. They usually incorporate one or several other elements, depending on the motif of the wedding.

If it is an outside evening wedding, try using a luminescent centerpiece that gives off old time charm. For instance, it could involve a lantern for an old-fashioned yet elegant charm. Or, a candle wrapped in a something in line with your motif would be great.

If the wedding has a more natural ambiance, then maybe a, birdhouse, birdcage or branches tastefully laid out with wildflowers.

Another possibility for a natural wedding is to use fruit in your centerpieces. Fruit adds color and richness in a lovely way that flowers can’t.

Also, whether your wedding is more very natural or not, take the season into account. Centerpiece options in winter can have pine branches and chestnuts, while those in autumn can have colorful foliage and pinecones, and the sky is the limit for spring and summer. Bright flowers and fruit abound during those seasons, and it’s always a bright idea to incorporate natural elements into any wedding motif.

For a whimsical approach, consider many other elements such as several colors of ribbon, and perhaps some candy with bright colorful arrangements. Or, you can always go with the truly unusual.

My favorite unique usually involve feathers, but I come across disparate unique ideas constantly.

Some newer centerpiece designs don’t involve flowers at all. Some give the illusion, which can be very original and fit the couples’ personality. I’ve seen this usually done by using paper, yarn or feathers.
Another major trend emerging is simply using fruit for the centerpiece, especially for summer weddings. As mentioned above, fruit can make a great natural material in centerpieces. The blending of yellow lemons and green limes works splendidly for warm summer affairs. It’s an original and much cheaper option.
For a more festive or carnival-like wedding, colorful and unusual items are best.
Overall though, most couples are opting for an old fashioned and vintage decor. Old tins, vases, pitchers, and boxes are being used for centerpieces that look like something from a simpler time. This is a sweet and beautiful idea, but it must be genuine in order for it to actually be gorgeous. So, if this keeps in line with your wedding motif, then definitely try it.

No matter which centerpiece you choose, the size of it will almost certainly differ from the traditional size. Think about the old photographs of the table centerpieces from your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding. They were probably an array of several flowers or roses with baby’s breath that were a good height in the usual vase.

In the modern day, that customary set up is out the window. Yes, some over-the-top weddings opt for the massive almost-baby-tree size flower arrangement, but the trend presently is a more quaint display. Along with simple and unique features (yarn, ribbon, feathers, etc), and a sundry of unexpected flowers, the arrangement size has shrunk substantially. There is an abundance of charm in antique, simple flower arrangements.

Use this area of your wedding to let your personality and true design for your wedding shine 🙂 It is one single thing that you can point at and say ‘this is our wedding motif’. And just like every other element of your wedding, have fun with it!

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