Wedding of the Week: Autumn Orange

One of the most difficult things about planning an autumn wedding is finding the right use of colors. Autumn is full of gorgeous natural colors which inspires many couples to have their weddings during this season, but using the traditional red, yellow, orange and brown can get stale and boring if done the same as always. In this wedding, the couple did a spectacular job of using the natural color in the scenery to get a fall feel while also making their wedding colors pop. The scenery is full of deep yellows and browns, showing the deteriorating season of fall, while the couple’s bright choice of orange gives a vibrant and lively feel. This couple found a way to make a bright hue of orange usually found in only summer work beautifully in their fall wedding. It contrasts superbly with the neutral browns and dark yellows, which is unexpected for a fall wedding, which is usually full of deep, dark similar colors. With just a little creativity, this wedding  stays traditional with autumn colors but stands apart from other fall weddings by using a gorgeous hue of orange. Enjoy this lovely wedding!


Photos @ Style Me Pretty

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