Practical Uses for Pumpkins

We all know that if you want your home to feel like fall you’re gonna need pumpkins, lots of pumpkins.  My boys looove pumpkins.  We planted a pumpkin patch in our backyard last spring and we are sure to visit the pumpkin patch at least half a dozen times before October draws to a close, so pumpkins I will have.  But it’s not as easy as you may think to achieve the pumpkin chic motif.  It turns out simply piling pumpkins all over the place can look a little sloppy and juvenile.  As it is with most things in life, pulling the concept off successfully requires a little finesse and purpose.  In fact, I have discovered finding practical uses for pumpkins to be an ingenious way to seamlessly integrate autumn into you decor.  Thanks to Pinterest and a few other clever websites, we will have plenty of pumpkin uses in our yard, our kitchen, our dining room, our living room and few more unexpected places. Here are some of my favorite practical uses for pumpkins.

I hope they will bring you inspiration for what to do with your many pumpkins too.

Use them as a Welcome sign.



Or to mark your address.


Use one as a candy dish when you go out on Halloween.


Use one as a punch bowl.


Or a cooler for cold drinks.


Use them as stands at your buffet table.

Use them as roasters.



Or use them to fill a vase and anchor stems.


Use them as a canvas.


Use them as candle holders.


Or hanging lanterns.


As you may have figured out, a few of these ideas that require strength and durability may work better with faux pumpkins from the craft store.  I have also heard {but have yet to try} that opening one one these silica packets and placing the beads inside your pumpkin will extend it’s carved existence.

Use to extend your pumpkins’ carved life span.

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