Unique Touches for Your Autumn Wedding

Fall is just around the corner, which is scary for those returning to school, but marvelous for those planning a wedding. For you lucky couples, you have a bevy of seasonal details to add to wedding colors, decor, fashion and theme. If you would like to add more than the run-of-the-mill pumpkins and red, yellow and orange leaves, then we can help! Here are some ideas to help add autumn touches to your wedding in interesting ways.

Autumn is about the colorful change of seasons. Outside of blooming flowers in the spring, it is the most colorful time of the year. Therefore, generally speaking, an autumn wedding incorporates more natural and rustic elements than those of other seasons. Instead of straying from quintessential concepts of fall weddings in order to achieve originality, focus on making everything distinctively your own.

Autumn is a time for all things farms: pumpkins, apple orchards, corn fields and more. These locales are ideal venues for autumn weddings. Vineyards are used quite a bit in all seasons, but orchards are underused. In my opinion, a farm full of corn fields is possibly the most beautiful setting for an autumn wedding. Whether you choose a pumpkin farm or a grove of trees amidst changing colors, just choose a setting that captures autumn.

If you do not choose a farm setting, you can still integrate farm elements into your wedding. The most basic farm element to use is hay bales. They make for charming seating during the wedding ceremony and they also add a dose of color. If your ceremony is indoors, then hay bales can be used during the reception as seating or as tables. One great idea is to set them up as a place for guests to relax outdoors when stepping away from the reception. You can also incorporate hay in smaller ways using straws of hay or bales of hay here and there in your overall decor.

What is the most indispensable element of fall? You guessed right – pumpkins. A wedding is not truly autumn without pumpkins. However, they do not have to dominate your autumn decor. You can make them unique and elegant by turning them into pieces of art. They can provide candlelight at night; make them a focal art piece in your decor; oruse them as a vase for your centerpiece. Just make this element unique to your theme. Pumpkins are common but very versatile, so there are many ways to incorporate one, two or more into your wedding decor.

Although pumpkins are integral, do not forget the other natural elements that are also a part of fall. Fall is a time for foliage, squash, wheat, apples, cranberries, corn and more. You do not have to use every natural element, but a variety can help make your decor more robust. Try mixing in some leaves and squash with the pumpkins; and lace the bouquets with wheat for a fuller look.

Candles are a lovely detail to add to any wedding. For an autumn wedding, they can add to the rustic and vintage feel of the season and truly enhance the ambiance of the occasion as the night wears on. Make them interesting by adding an autumn twist. Rather than lanterns or metal holders, try using plants and food as holders. As I mentioned above, it’s a good idea to use more natural elements than pumpkins in your natural decor. Turning apples or squash into candle holders is a great way to incorporate them into your decor in an interesting way. You can also go for autumn aromas, such as cinnamon or vanilla to complement your autumn atmosphere.

There are many colorful indoor and outdoor options for the wedding aisle during autumn. Use the changing colors to your fullest advantage. You don’t need to do much to make fall romantic and beautiful, so only do what’s needed to enhance what’s already there.

One of the most important decorations of a wedding is the bouquet. Although it seems like a minute detail, the bouquet ties the wedding colors and theme all together. Plus, it is the most notable accessory of the bride, who is the focal point of the wedding ceremony. To show off your fall theme, incorporate autumn aspects into your bouquet. There should be rich, deep colors present. While summer and spring are about vibrant, bright hues, fall and winter relate to dark, robust shades. Also, acorns, hay straw, wheat, cranberries, leaves and more make a bouquet distinctly fall. Choose colors and elements for your bouquet that best fit your particular autumn theme and it will surely be beautiful.

As mentioned above, the deep colors of fall make it an ideal season for wedding colors. The rich colors look gorgeous against a white wedding dress or white dress shirt. Additionally, because fall is usually a cool season, there are more opportunities to accessorize your ensemble. For some color that really pops, add a splash of red, orange or burnt brown. Whether it be a jacket, purse, shoes, lipstick or a ribbon around your waist, adding something definitively autumn to stand out in your wedding photos.

Your save the date cards and wedding invitations will set the tone for you fall wedding. Autumn colors make for beautiful artwork whether formal or informal. And lovely leave patterns set the mood for your wedding splendidly. If you don’t wish to have leaves, pumpkins or other common fall artwork on your save the dates or invitations, then simply use autumn wedding colors in your design.

We’ve mentioned this idea before, but because it completely fits the fall wedding theme, I must mention it. The thumb print guestbook is a perfect fit for fall weddings. Just put out a few different paint colors, and let your guests create a tree covered in yellow, red and orange hues that will last forever. It’s a lovely keepsake that will always remind you of your autumn wedding.

I just love the play on word with this sign. It’s a cute detail to add to any fall wedding and can be a great backdrop for photos as well.

If you are having your wedding at a rustic location, then consider truly getting into the spirit and having hay rides! Whether it be horse-drawn or on the back of a truck bed, guests will definitely have some country fun.


Above all, enjoy planning your autumn wedding. Make it uniquely your own special day and enjoy the fact that you are lucky enough to have an autumn wedding!


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