5 Fun Experiments For Kids

Summer vacation is coming to an end.  As a mom, I always have mixed emotions about the start of school.  It is nice for the kids to get out of the house and have some structure in their days again.  And I won’t lie, the extra quiet time is not unappealing.  But as crazy as it may sound, I will kinda miss the madness around here too.  This summer in particular, it feels like we haven’t gotten to do that much fun stuff in between obligations and scorching heat.  So I have decided that we are going to squeeze some in at the end—stuff we never get to do when we are bogged down by homework and extracurriculars.  Before the end of August my boys and I WILL do at least three of the activities below.

    1.  Fluffy Bath Paint This is a dual experiment.  The first part involves exploding soap in the microwave.  The second part involves turning it into bath time fun
    2. Fun With Eggs This experiment involves soaking raw eggs in different substances to see how they change. 
    3. Fairies in A Jar Although the name is a bit girlie, I have no doubt that floating specks of light will fascinate my boys.  I plan on using plastic bottles rather than mason jars because little hands + shaking stuff + glass, usually = a lot of extra clean up for me. 
    4. Sunny Day Art I have finally found a benefit to living in the shade-less desert (aside from a full body tan, complete with melanoma).  Simply lay broken crayon pieces in a pattern on some craft paper and lay it out in the sun until it melts. 
    5. Ice Excavation This basically consists of freezing stuff in a big ice cube and letting kids dig it out.  Perfect for curious little minds on a hot summer day! 


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