5 Garage Sale Finds to Help Cut Your Clutter

I have a few bones to pick right now. Not with any of you, so don’t be scared 🙂

Bone #1: In my home, being that it’s summer, doors and windows get opened up at dawn and don’t close until sleepy time.  Moviestar is obsessed with natural air.  He hates air conditioning and honestly will only give his consent to it when it’s 100 degrees and the dogs are dying. With all that air blowing in, all kinds of dust settles on my furniture.  This means my small apartment looks dirty.  I am totally not joking when I tell you that I have to vacuum and dust every. single. day. It’s not fun and very time consuming. Because of that I have to do everything I can to keep the rest of the house clutter free. This way I’m not having to pick up and clean every day, just run that noisy beast and swiffer a bit.

That said, Bone #2: With this de-clutter/cleanliness need, I’ve been reassessing my organization lately. I’ve mentioned before that I have a small apartment. In small apartments or homes things get messy fast.  You have less space to store things so all your belongings gather in a few select places.  I only have 5 drawers in my kitchen and 4 short cabinets. I have a coat closet that has become the “junk” closet and one hall linen closet which pretty much houses all of our linens, extra blankets, pillows, toiletries, printer and office supplies, scrapbooking materials and weekend getaway luggage.  No. Seriously. It does. 6 shelves for all that. I have nowhere for exercise equipment except under the dresser and my sewing stuff? I have to keep that in one of the three cabinets of my dining “area” hutch. And don’t even get me started on what’s under the bed!

We could all use a little more organization, right? And we could all keep our wallets a little fatter too, right? Excellent.  So, here are some great ways I’ve found to keep your home free from clutter while only spending garage sale prices.

Instead of having a junk drawer with all your pens and notepads, pick up something like these tea tins to put on your fridge.  Just glue magnets to the back an you are all set.  I know there are a lot of magnet-backed notepads on the market right now so that should clear some space!

This is your dreaded entryway. It is a haven for tons of shoes, bags, jackets, hats and any other miscellaneous items you walk in the door with.  If you can’t afford a built in entry set up, why not check your local garage sales for plain wooden crates?  Then just paint them to match your homes decor and voila! Instant entryway solution.

Now this one hits home a little more for me. My bathroom is teeny weeny.  I recently put up some new shelves to house my towels but this solution is awesome too.  Look how much space an old wooden ladder takes up? Nothing.  Plus it’s oober chic. Well, oober “shabby” chic. Anyway… it’s also a perfect idea for people who live in apartments where the landlords don’t let you put holes in the walls.  So, if shelving isn’t an option, maybe this garage sale ladder would be.

This is one of those things I know for a fact you can find and create from almost any garage sale.  I’ve been to so many where people are selling door knobs or cabinet knobs.  usually its from people who have remodeled and purchased too many.  If you hit up a few garage sales over a couple weekends you are sure to find different knobs that you could screw into a plain piece of painted wood.  Attach some hooks to the back, hammer a few nails into the wall and hang this new bag/hat/coat/towel/necklace/whatever you want holder. The possibilities are endless and beautiful.

It’s also entirely possible to find a child’s toy chest at a garage sale.  I say child’s because most people who have nice, large chests aren’t going to be getting rid of them so you are more likely to find a kids toy chest in the mix. It will do the trick.  Paint it however you want and then turn it into your office.  I need this bad. This would clear out a lot from my hall “linen” closet.  Here, its being used at the foot of a bed but if you add a cushion to the top of it, you can use it as extra seating in your home. Again, something I always need.  Or it could become your coffee table. Either way you are using it for more than just the storage and it doesn’t become this clunky unused piece of furniture.


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