30+ Unique Save the Date Card Ideas

As promised last week in the Save the Date Photos post, today we bring you save the date card ideas. If you took a save the date photo, then you may have already worked in your wedding date. However, you can use a card by itself or in addition to the save the date photo to let guests know the other pertinent info (location, time, attire, etc.). If you are having trouble thinking of a clever card, consider some of these save the date cards.

To make your save the date more fun, get your guests involved. This may mean making your save the date actionable. You could add peelable stickers, or make the number revealed only with magic markers. One of my favorite ideas is to use a scratch lotto to reveal the date {you can DIY it with this tutorial here}. After all, everyone loves to receives news in a fun way.

A Scratch Lotto Ticket

photo @ Fresh Paper Studios

A puzzle to be put together

photo @ Words For You

Another puzzle of a different sort

Christmas ornament save the date

photo @ Buzzfeed

A block puzzle which reveals six different messages (one for each side of the cube)

photo @ The Loveliest Day

An origami invitation displays different information when folded in various ways

photo @ Hermias Wishes

A decoder Save the Date

photo @ Kellan Studios

A balloon save the date makes the information viewable only when blown up

photo @ Oh Happy Day

If you want to get your distant relatives more acquainted with your impending marriage, let them know all about your relationship by turning your save the date into a love story. Your aunt on the other side of the country little to nothing about your fiance, and this is a great way to let her find out about your romance. Give your guests the details of how you met, your courtship and how he proposed. You can make it as short or extensive as you wish. Guests love to know as much as possible about the marriage they will be witnessing.

photo @ Sleepy Dreamer

photo @ Peach Prints

photo @ Minted

Although this Save the Date is for a baby shower, this cute rhyme could work for a wedding as well.

photo @ One Ten Stationary

A flip book save the date to tell your love story in an animated way.

photo @ Paper Cinemas

If you are having a destination wedding, you have more more options for the save the date. If you can, incorporate elements of the destination into your announcement. If you just want to incorporate travel, then use elements such as passports, luggage tags, and postcards; anything that will help guests anticipate your wedding even more.

photo @ Beyond Design

photo @ Sproullie Designs

photo @ Made By Q

photo @ Idea Chic

If you are looking for a vintage touch, try delivering your news in a old-fashioned way. The cutest way, in my opinion, is to do that is by telegram.

photo @ I Do It Yourself

photo @ Craftzine

One of my favorite save the dates is the fill-in-the-blank. These are save the dates that the bride and groom (and/or guests) fill in themselves with a pen. This could mean filling out an invitation mad libs style or simply circling the month and day on the calendar. It gives a chic feel for a low key wedding.

photo @ Minted

photos @ Cards By Cassandra

photo @ The Orange Sparrow

If your wedding motif will incorporate your interests, such as sports, movies or music, then consider including it into your save the date. If you both love a specific movie or book, reflect that in your save the date.

photo @ Paper Cake Designs

photo @ Happy Whale

photo @ Shop Sugar Letter

photo @ Trevor & Larissa

photo @ Poshable Mitzvah

photo @ CMS Stationary

If all else fails and you don’t have any direction with your save the date, just try to have fun with and a clever idea will come. With no borders to stay within, you have lots of leeway to make what you want.

Add a classic touch with a handkerchief

handkerchief save the date

photo @ Buzzfeed

photo @ Wedding Bee

photo @ On the Go Bride

Tie the knot with the card

photo @ Chandelier Paper Ink

photo @ The Bridal Detectives

Make your save the date a culinary treat

photo @ Emmaline Bride / Da Sweetz Pot

photo @ Martha Stewart

photo @ Puzzle Prints

A refrigerator magnet is a tried and true save the date favorite

photo @ Wedding Chicks

Did you make a creative save the date card for your wedding or do you have a creative idea? Tell us about it below.

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