Kid Quotes

Oh my crazy kids!! How boring would my life be without them? As much as they may make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, nobody can put a smile on my face the way they do. Their interaction with each other, their hare-brained ideas, and of course their priceless takes on life. Here are a few zingers that I have collected over the last few months.

  • After listening to a bout of 2-year-old Avery’s gibberish, Aiden tells me in a very matter of fact tone, Mom, I think Avery speaks Spanish.
  • One day Asa inadvertently locked us out of the house.   With no keys or cell phone and none of our neighbors at home, I was forced to kick in the back door to our garage.  Asa asked, How did you get in?  Me: I had to kick the door open. Asa: With just your feet!?  Me: Well, I had shoes on.  He thinks about it for a minute and then says, Yeah, shoes are tough!
  •  Asa:  Mom, I want Avery to stay a baby forever.  You should give him a lot of coffee.  I have told the boys that caffeine will keep them from growing big and tall 😉
  • Asa comes in the bathroom while I’m taking a shower,   You better hold your nose breath, I have to poop.
  • Our 2-year-old, Avery, has taken to calling every small animal and bug ‘baby’.  One morning he was grumpily waking up when all of the sudden he stopped fussing and stared at the wall behind me. Oh, hi baby!  Sure enough, there was a spider crawling behind my head…
  • Asa comes in from the backyard and heads to the kitchen.  He asks, Mom, what is Buster’s favorite food?  He’s a good dog and he deserves a treat!
  • Asa is packing his backpack when he asks me if I would like to come with him.  I ask him where he’s going.  he tells me,  Around the whole world.  You better pack some drinks.
  • As we get in the car. Aiden: It smells in here. Asa: You know what it smells like? Aiden: What? Asa: Like I punched you in the face!
Hope you enjoy our kid quotes! Happy weekend!
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