My Revlon Expression Experiment

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love makeup.  I really do. I’ve always had a thing for it.  When I was in high school I use to buy all kinds of products and look at magazines trying to match what the makeup artists had done on their models. Or look at their tutorials and work on getting it right.  When I was in college I loved going more glam.  I wore a good amount of eyeliner {not too much, always tatseful} and adored sparkely eye shadows.  But once I started really growing up, I felt I needed to leave all that behind me.  I still wear makeup mind you {remember I said I loved it} but it’s much more subdued and natural.  It fits me and my lifestyle.  But every so often I feel that tug.  You know that tug. It’s the one that says, “Don’t you want to try that new color?” or “This new trend is to die for! You’ve got to try it out for yourself.” Or I simply just want to have fun with my face.  But usually I go pretty bland.

This is me on a normal day:

{I’ve always got on foundation/powder, concealer, blush and mascara if not powder eyeliner as well}

But ladies, don’t we all have those times in our life when things feel so stagnant?  That’s me right now.  I’m bored with life at the moment.  Now I know that makeup isn’t really going to help that much but if I can jazz up my day-to-day with a little something fun, why not try! So, I decided to take the Revlon Expression Experiment.

One of the products I tried out looked a little scary for me: a PURPLE eye shadow set.  Scary because I don’t do flashy colors anymore. Ask Bonnie and Claire…… I am natural, neutral all the way.  My clothes are almost always browns, whites and blacks with a hint of pale pink, green or grey. If I do wear colors they are super muted.  So, purple eyeshadow seemed like a stretch.  I thought, “Then go for it!” Here are the results:


So much fun, right? It doesn’t look too crazy and the color pallete blended so well together. I could totally do this on a day to day basis, especially on a night out {that reminds me… I need to have more of those….}

Next I noticed red lip colors.  I thought: NEVER. I absolutely never, ever, ever wear lipstick. If I do, it’s tan, peachy tones or a natural lip gloss like above. One of the reasons why is because I have pretty thin lips.  I hate them.  Colors always seem to accentuate their thinness.  So, I try to blend them in as much as possible.  But not anymore.  I took the Revlon Expression Challenge and tried on some red lipstick.

I felt CRAZY! It was tons of fun, my hubby loved it, but I think it may have been too much for my job in the stockroom of a retail store. The next morning before work, I looked at this baby:

It’s the Lip Butter.  Looks just like a lip stick but it went on a little more smooth and the color wasn’t as stark.  Seems like my kind of thing. So, I definitely put it on for work to see what kind of reactions I received.

While I put on my new color I allowed my Revlon nail polish to dry….. it’s blue baby!  Like Superman blue.  I couldn’t resist. So cute and thick.  It went on like a dream and dried in no time flat.  I was impressed.

Here’s my lovely Before ad After the saucy red:

That night when I came home, I couldn’t wait to keep playing with it because…. everyone loved it!  I wore the same clothes I always wear and did my hair in the same style I have many times yet everyone kept saying, “Linds, you came to work so pretty today.” Not one person mentioned that I had red lips {which was great} so that told me that the only thing they noticed was that I looked prettier than usual. That’s exactly the reaction I would have wanted.

The other thing I liked about this Lip Butter is that once it starts to fade, it almost gives you a light stain to your lips keeping them pretty and pink.  I had a pale pinkish hue all day and I felt great.

All and all ladies, I think each one of us could take a lesson away from this Revlon Expression Experiment.  Mine was that I shouldn’t hide things about myself that I don’t like: my lips for example. They just might enhance the rest of me and I don’t even know it! Who would have thought that Revlon’s makeup would have taught me that?  I feel like now I can go out and face the world with a new confidence and I know that all you women out there can feel the same way too.

So, what will your lesson be? I’d love to hear that all of you out there conducted your own Revlon Experiment. What did it teach you about yourself? Ready, set, go!


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