Handmade Thursday: Fabric Frames

Have you ever found yourself with outdated paintings or pictures that you don’t want?  Yeah me too.  That’s the predicament I found myself in a few weeks ago.  I was going through my stuff in storage, cleaning up and getting rid of old stuff.  I came across some old pictures in picture frames and thought, “I can’t just throw these out.  But I also don’t want to give them away.  There has to be something I can do with them.” I realized I didn’t care too much for the pictures but rather the frames were what kept my interest.  So, I began searching for something I could do with them, you know, to refurbish them or reuse them.

I kept coming across these posts about fabric frames, which I was interested in.  So I gave it a whirl and this is what I got!  Sorry my pictures aren’t that great, the light was pretty bad.  But you get the jist anyway.


First I gathered my materials.  You’ll need: Fabric, a Glue Gun, some Ribbon and either paper clips or clothes pins.

Next I flipped the frame upside down and glued down my ribbon strips.  I only had this thick ribbon, but I recommend thinner ribbon because it looks better against the pictures.

Then the next thing is to wrap the fabric around the frame. Attach the first end piece of the fabric to the frame by gluing it, then start wrapping.  I used four different fabrics, but you can do any combination of fabric colors and patterns.

Here’s my finished frame wrap!  I decided to add a second piece of ribbon to this guy because I wanted to be able to add more photos but you can do however many you want depending on your frame size or type.

Now you’re going to want to add a  ribbon to hang the frame.  So again just hot glue it and you’re good!

I love that I can easily and simply change out pictures for whatever season or mood is flying through my home.  Here I’ve got some great photos of a trip to beach last summer with my sisters, Mom and little niece Lily.




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