Re-shelving My Bathroom

My bathroom is small. I mean reeeally small. Not big enough for the two people who live in my apartment, but none-the-less here we are. We are also lacking in storage space all over the apartment as well, so I’ve had to be creative when it came to using space. This teeny weeny bathroom had no choice but to house all of our towels.  So five or so years ago I got an inexpensive metal shelf that decided to fall and break last week.

{I had to hold it up to show you where it originally hung}

This shelf hung {as you can see} above my towel rack and directly next to the shower.  I had wanted to actually put it right above the tiles in the shower so they could be reached as soon as you finish bathing but our tiles go up the wall too high. So, I put it next to the shower. It worked just as well. But the door to the bathroom is just to the left of the this picture so sometimes I felt like I was walking into the shelf.  Since it came down on it’s own I decided it was maybe time for a change.  After some time I realized I didn’t really like this shelf anymore and wanted to try and find something better and cheaper.  I went to IKEA and found exactly what I wanted to do some re-shelving for only $6! Exciting!!!!!  Before I get to what I bought, here’s what I had to work with.

If you turn around from what you were looking at a few seconds ago you would find a mirror {just to the left of this photo} and a blankish wall where I only had a simple picture always sort of hated it but I had this on the adjacent wall which had no choice but to be there:

There were two reasons why it was hanging there: 1. the other two walls had either the towel rack or the outlet which meant it would have to hang too high and 2. the mirror on it helps me to see the back of my head when I’m stylin’! But I’ve had it since I was in college and it’s looking a little old. Plus, nowhere to put it. So it’s out!

I began with a fresh start but I then realized something shocking….

My wonderful husband, who happens to be a painter, painted our bathroom 2-3 years ago but apparently didn’t want to remove the shelf to do it {laziness}. What’s funny is that he is {now} a high end custom painter and would never, ever do this.  He was slightly embarrassed {he he}. But we no longer have this paint color and I wasn’t looking to color match for a few splotches. I decided to put something up that would cover/camouflage our little mess.Without spending money, here’s what I got:

I may end up having to go buy paint but it is slightly distracting and helps.  This then gave me a clean palette on the other side. I still wanted the mirror but haaad to get rid of that white shelf with the little mirror. So I grabbed a mirror from my hallway and hung it there. Done.  Finally I was at the new shelf part.

Here are my pieces. After screwing on the brackets  I had the hubby help me hang them with his drill.  Mostly because we needed anchors and I couldn’t hang them straight by myself.

Here we go…… da.. dada ..da!

Compared to what I had before, this takes the cake.  It may not look it to you but when standing in my super small bathroom, you would totally see what I see.

And Moviestar was so happy to have his fancy shaving set right there by the sink and mirror.  He smiled so big once I was done setting everything.  That made it all worth it.

You too can change up your bathroom in other ways than re-shelving. So let me see and hear your ideas! Comment below and link up with nay bathroom remodels you’ve done recently.

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