Our Trip Home to Colorado!

Hello! Bonnie and I have been gone for awhile {leaving Lindsey completely alone} but we are now back! While we were gone, we went on vacation visiting our home in Colorado for the Fourth of July and my birthday. It’s always a delight to go home, so much so that we want to share it with you. After the 13 hour drive through four states {Road Ninja came in handy}, we were finally home. And after much sleep in my own bed again and food, we were off on our first hiking trip.

We went in the hills near our small town and got some much needed exercise for the feasting that would ensue the following days. Soon enough, it was the Fourth of July, our favorite holiday outside of Christmas and Easter. Sadly, because of the fires plaguing the state, no fireworks, professional or private, were allowed. So, it didn’t really ever feel like the Fourth.

some Fourth of July decor

We still did have a parade to go to, though. So, we all put on red, white and blue and headed to Vail.

Avery didn’t like the noise

Bonnie and the boys

the parade

the boys trying to get candy

Despite our best efforts, the lack of candy and planning made for a lousy parade and we were all too happy to leave. We stopped at the store on the way home and picked up candy for the candy-deprived boys and ingredients to make lemonade pie and a trifle. After some water balloon fights, sweet desserts and bbq, it started to feel somewhat like the Fourth. And as fate would have it, it rained in Colorado on the Fourth during our fire ban. We took the dogs for a walk and Avery actually walked our pug all on his own {seriously, no help}.

Avery & Sluggo

We saw some fireworks on TV in Denver {where the fires were nearest – explain that, Colorado government!}, which only cemented the feeling that no matter how special we tried to make the day, it just didn’t feel like the Fourth of July. It didn’t help matter that Avery insisted on the Chipmunk’s Christmas song be sung at all times {because he LOVES the Chipmunks}. But, the next day was another special day, my birthday! For my big day, I asked to go climb Hanging Lake. It’s a very hard hike to the top, but we all did it. Even Avery walked nearly the entire way to top.

the boys having fun

under the waterfall

At the top we saw the pristine lake and the waterfalls pouring into it as well.

rainy day after the hike

I got a few gifts including a facial, makeup, sandals and one of my favorite games growing up. We got gorgeous views and some exercise for all for all of the delicious foods we were eating. But we had to hurry down after awhile, because a downpour hit. We eventually got caught in the rain at the end of the trail, but it felt good after a long hike and preceding hot days. And Bonnie and my mom put a lot of effort into my cake and created the three-tier peach cake I love. It was unbelievably delicious, but after two days of decadent eating, I could only eat one piece. Afterwards, Bonnie and I met a friend of mine {Sarah, from my European trip} and went out for a little fun, and it was a great end to my birthday. The next day, we decided to do something just for the kids. So, we went to the Glenwood Spring Caverns & Adventure Park. Sadly, it wasn’t the fun we were looking for, and since this isn’t Yelp or Trip Advisor, I won’t go into the scathing details of how horrid this place turned out to be. Suffice it to say, it was just one expensive mess leaving you feeling robbed of time and money. We did get some cool views above Glenwood Canyon, though.

Overall, not exactly what you want on vacation, so when we got home {through the pouring rain as usual…..in a state with fire danger everywhere}, we went out for some pizza. It was delicious, which was odd, because we never had any good restaurants growing up there. In fact, I don’t think we had more than two places you could even call a restaurant. So, it was something good to discover for us. The next day, Bonnie and her family had to return to LA, and my parents were sad to see their grandsons go. Throughout the week, we had taken the boys fishing a few times {and I let Asa walk in the middle of the river because it was so low,making him feel like the coolest kid}, so we had to take Aiden one last time. We again didn’t catch anything, and received big sunburns, but we had fun out there with Aiden learning how to fish. That day, while watching Squidward play his clarinet on Spongebob Sqaurepants, I showed the boys that I actually had a clarinet, and Aiden decided to learn, and just blew incessantly on the instrument trying to hit notes. It was more cute than annoying. Now that there was no more fishing, Aiden playing the clarinet and Avery singing “I want a hula hoop”, it was very quiet. The next day, we went high up in the mountain to a place called Red Table. From our town, my dad has always seen a round building on the very top of a mountain, which he dubbed the golfball building. So, we went to find it. We took the dirt bike up, which was terrifying riding it along some sharp, steep downhill turns with no guardrail and massive drop offs. But, once we turned off, there was nothing but red, dirt road and nature. Flowers were in bloom everywhere and we were so alone, you could only hear birds.

our rides 🙂

slope of the mountain

dad on the dirt bike

snow in July!

We also climbed so high that eventually it was near winter temperatures and we reached snow. After hours of some awesome four wheeling though, we finally reached the golfball building. It was an instrument for the airport, and its location now made sense. Now that we made our discovery, our voyage was complete. We traveled back down the mountain enjoying the Apsen trees, pine trees, sage, Columbine flowers and everything in between. It’s a bit more fun on the dirt bike though, and that was proved when I drove through what was basically an Apsen tree tunnel. Overall, it was a blast and if you go to Colorado, you have to go up into the middle of nowhere in the mountains like this. The next day, my parents returned to work, so I played with the dogs and took them out.

Sluggo {the pug} and Bear {the black mix} are sweet dogs and demanded to sleep with me every night. My dad left work early, though. He thought we were leaving down that Monday, but once he discovered we weren’t, he ditched work. So, we went four wheeling yet again {because now that I’m back home, I miss it} and then went golfing.

We hit the driving range and played only nine holes, but that included my favorite golf hole in the world; one in which you tee off of a mountain side and watch the ball hit the green hundreds of feet below. It was a perfect ending to our last day there, and after one more night out, I could go home to Los Angeles. Going home is always sweet and way too short. Just ask Bonnie, she attempted a scheme to stay another week. But our parents are venturing out our way to go camping in a month, and of course, we will always have Christmas in Colorado.

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