Dress Up Your Home with These 4th of July Decorations

So it’s July 3rd.  You’re planning a party for our nation’s Independence Day. You have no decorations. What a predicament! Let me tell you it is going to be okay.  Really. Let’s just focus and come up with some quick ways to dress up your home for the 4th. I’ve got a few 4th of July decorations to show you right now that will help get the old red, white, and blue out and popping so that your guests will think you’ve spent all week planning.  It’s gonna be a great party, I just know it!

Most 4th of Julys are spent in the out of doors.  Primarily because it’s summer and the weather is nice, but don’t forget that tomorrow night there will be fireworks to enjoy!  So, let’s get your outside area all 4th’d out. I love the idea of stringing lights around a seating area like this fun setting.  You could totally use red, white and/or blue Christmas lights for this {in fact, I think that would be fun and festive!} but I also dig the big bulb lights they have here. It will actually give you more light when it gets dark and they are so whimsical. Don’t have anywhere to stream your lights? Create it!  Here they have taken buckets {probably filled with a mixture of sand and/or rocks} and stuck bamboo rods and then attached them together with string.  The string really serves more as a holding place for the light strands but I’m sure it helps the bamboo. Don’t have bamboo? Anything tall will do, just look around the house or head down to your local hardware store real quick to pick something up! Lastly, I love the simplicity in how they added the festive colors to the area.  If you have a table, just place any red, white and blue combination of the following: table runners, place mats, dish towels, etc.  If you are not using a table but perhaps a fire pit with a seating area, consider placing red, white and blue towels or place mats down on each sitting area.  This invites people to sit comfortably and makes it festive.

To add to your outdoor fun, have games available for people.  My parents have a putting green in the backyard because my sister use to play golf.  But if you don’t have golf, croquet is also a great game for people to get involved in. They can both be fun but you’ve got to get people excited about it.  Here we have croquet all set up with a red and blue tools but the wire star garland is what takes the cake.  Consider adding it as they do here or if you have a putting green as my family does, add the garland to the golf flag pole. Maybe even pick up some red and blue golf balls. That will surely add decor to your yard and get people excited about playing.

If you want to add some banners to the inside or outside of your home, I love buntings.  Now if you can find them, awesome but you may be like me and want to make them. This may take some time so it might be best to find a banner or two to buy.  It’s up to you.  If you make these with paper {no sewing…. that takes longer} it shouldn’t take too long to make.  Here are a few bunting images I just loved!

If you want to jazz up the inside of your home, or even your patio furniture, run out a buy some festive pillows.  Throw them on the couch or chairs and Viola!

Okay, so this may not be quick or easy but I love it and just haaad to throw it in.  Plus, I think it’s actually pink, white and blue…. but you get the idea. Just use the same idea we had before for the bamboo sticks in the buckets to help them stay, attach a sheet, blanket or other large piece of fabric to the tops. You could even string the light we discussed earlier.  Hang some sort of decoration, these lanterns are cool but you could do the buntings as well.  Then pull up a table, throw down some pillows add a bit of table decor and you are all set!

Last but not least, I always say let your food do the decorating.  Especially when you have a color theme!  If you check out our Creative Ways to Show Off Red, White and Blue with Food post to see exactly how to make it happen.

Well, it looks like our party is all set. Have fun wishing America a Happy Birthday!


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