Creative Ways to Show Off Red, White & Blue With Fourth of July Desserts

Happy {soon to be} Independence Day! My favorite holiday after Easter and Christmas, and I believe it is the greatest part of the summer. With all the family, friends, food and fireworks on the day, what better way is there to celebrate our nation’s birth? By incorporating some of old glory in the mix of course! {corny, I know, but nonetheless awesome}. So, to help you make your party more patriotic, we’ve got some creative ways to add some red, white and blue to your Fourth of July desserts! You can also check out our list of patriotic foods here!


What’s the number one thing you see at parties? That’s right, cakes. Cakes are not only delicious, but also a canvas for your creativity. So, go on and make a flag or something else with red, white and blue.

photo @ IMGFave

photo @ I Am Baker

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photo @ Unusual 2 Tasty

photo @ Johner

photo @ Cupcakes for Party

As you can see, fruit is an easy way to incorporate color into your cake. Also, you don’t have to stick to strawberries for red. Try some rasberries, too! As much as I love these cakes, I would love to see an original American flag with 13 stars. If you are ambitious enough to try to do this, let us know how it turns out!


Of course, cake’s cousin, pie, often shows up at parties as well. But it is fitting for the Fourth of July, because after all, there’s no food more American than apple pie.

photo @ Women’s Day

photo @ Buzzfeed

photo @ Sabby In Suburbia

photo @ Taste of Home

Okay, so they may not be apple, but cherry pie is pretty American, too. But, bear in mind {and you will see later} that apples can work well as the white in red, white and blue.


And now on to my favorite food, cupcakes. I don’t know how many great things I can say about cupcakes, so I just say that it’s better to have them than to not.

photo @ Bakerella

photo @ Cupcakes for Party

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Baking Bites

photo @ Buzzfeed

As you can see, cupcakes can help you create a cake that is easy to pull apart and eat only with your hands. It’s a perfect way to make some food art, but still have finger foods.And you can also combine foods, as you the ice cream cone in the center of the cupcake above. Ah, cupcakes, is there anything you can’t do?


Although there are many red drinks, white drinks and blue drinks, they’re much cooler on the Fourth of July when you mix them together.

photo @ Big Bear’s Wife

photo @ The Sisters Cafe

If you’re curious about how this is done, there is a tutorial on the Sisters Cafe {on the link below the last drink photo}. It’s simply a matter of sugar. The more sugary the drink, the lower it will sink, because of its high density. Simply choose three drinks of varying sugar contents, and you will be able to get this effect. That’s all there is to it!

The Rest!

There are many other creative ways to add the stars and stripes to your foods on Independence Day. So, here is some inspiration!

phot0 @ Little Girl in the Big World

Try fruit kabobs as a healthy, yet nutritious party snack. You can also mix it up by using apples and raspberries for red and white.

photo @ Jillian Madsen

If you love salty and sweet, this is for you. You just need chocolate, food coloring and star sprinkles!

photo @ Living Locurto

For those who just want something simple,try this one. Just add some red, white and blue sprinkles to ice cream sandwiches. After all, Independence Day will be a hot one and people just want something cold to cool off with.

photo @ My Juice Cup

Cake pops are a great way to have bite size chunks of cake as finger food. To make it even better, store them in the freezer to help cool people down on the Fourth.

photo @ The Bear Foot Baker

Another easy way to add some patriotism to your party with homemade or store bought cookies.

photo @ Wenderly

You can also make hors d’oeurves into flags as well. This one is made of blueberries, watermelon and feta cheese. Just cut up some food and put out some toothpicks. That’s all there is to it!

photo @ Pinterest

Ice cream also makes a lovely red, white and blue snack. You can buy various colors of cones and ice cream and top it off with color as well. A white  cone with blueberry ice cream and raspberry topping is not only pretty to look at, but a delicious summer treat to eat as well.

photo @ Gimme Some Oven

Honestly, who has been to a Fourth of July party that didn’t include jello in some way? It’s just right without it. You should try these creative stained glass jello stars if you don’t have a jello food yet.

photo @ Living Locurto

This is another easy one. You just need some marshmallows, almond bark and sprinkles. It will be a sugar overload for the kids, but then again it is a holiday.

photo @ Sweetheart Cupcake

Another party staple is rice crispies. You can add some flair to these sweet treats with just a bit of food coloring.

photo @ Baker’s Royale

This is another healthy treat for those who only want natural sugars. It’s made of watermelon, apple and blueberry. You only need fruit, a star cookie cutter, a small spoon to scoop out a spot for the blueberry and straws. Once you insert the straw, the fruit pop will be held together. For more info, click on the link.

photo @ The Sisters Cafe

Another relatively easy snack that everyone will love is chocolate strawberries. It’s something different, and small enough so that people can eat just as much as they want.

photo @ Food Network

Last but not least is the trifle. Trifles are common for Independence Day, because they easily use red, white and blue and light and fluffy for the summer. It’s a perfect dessert and very pretty to look at.

photo @ Be Different Act Normal

Ok, so there is one more, It was just too cute not to include. You can start Independence Day off right with this cute and healthy breakfast!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you enjoy celebrating our nation’s Independence Day with your family, friends and these foods.

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