Bathroom Makeover Ideas

A few weeks ago I put up some Pinterest “Pins” that I was loving and one of them was a bathroom that looked eerily like mine.  It made me want to redo my bathroom and thus, this post of bathroom makeover ideas was born! My hubby and I are huge do-it-yourselfers and many other people out there (maybe even you) are opting to Do-It-Yourself as opposed to hiring out.  And if you have the time and know-how, give it a shot!  If that bathroom needs a little fixing up, you should do it.  Bathrooms are a practical place, but when you are doin’…. what you’re doin’, you might want a beautiful room to look at!  Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Clear out the clutter. I’m big on de-cluttering. Before you start any project it’s best to sort through things to determine what you absolutely need and what you don’t. If you have nice cabinets that can hold clear storage bins, then organize those items in them and label the bin.  If you don’t have cabinets and the items that will stay in sight, put them in decorative storage containers.
  • Repaint the room. Along with de-cluttering, repainting is the next best thing to do when updating your bathroom. Heck, repainting gives any room a facelift!  Moviestar {who is a painter} says to always use semi-gloss so that the condensation that is created when you are bathing your beautiful self will roll right down the wall instead of into the wall, creating mold and cracks.  Any other type of paint will absorb the water and create unwanted cracks.  You also can repaint your cabinets for an updated look.
  • Get a new Shower. A fantastic way to fix up that bathroom is to replace the bathtub and shower. You can go the hard way and actually replace the whole shebang but you could also just get an acrylic bathtub or tub liner installed over the old tub. It’s easier, faster and way less expensive.
  • Put in some new countertops. Granite is very popular now, and you can sometimes find smaller cuts of granite that are less expensive.  Porcelain marble {even imitation porcelain marble} is a less expensive alternative and adds sparkle.
  • Change the fixtures and door knobs. This will give new life to the whole room.  It can be easy and inexpensive to replace that ugly gold with nickel, pewter or stainless steel fixtures that give a more modern look. I’m partial to pretty, older looking door knobs like this one.
  • Replace your old towels with some fluffy, bright new ones to match your color scheme. My old, stained, bleach-spotted towels make my bathroom look ugly and drab.
  • Add a new throw rug, change out the shower curtains, replace the dirty bath mats, and pick up a sleek and simple soap dish.  This is an easy way to make low-cost, big changes.  Adding or changing pictures is also key.  Pick a theme and run with it!


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