What Makes a Woman Pretty?

Okay, so I know that we have some men who come by Inspiring Pretty from time to time and I love that, so keep coming! But this post today is just for the ladies in our audience {sorry guys}.  We are called “Inspiring Pretty” and so thats what I want to talk about today: inspiring women to be pretty.  We have all kinds of posts on here about fashion, hair styles, beauty products and what-not but that’s not what I’m talking about. What makes a woman pretty? Beautiful? Desirable? As much as our society likes to tell us it’s the outside, what makes us pretty is our inside. This past week I’ve learned some lessons about this and if you’ll join me, I’d love to make a commitment with you to change some of my ways.

{Though I’m going to share my faith in God, please don’t shy away if you do not share my faith.  Regardless of where my inspiration is coming from, these insights are universal. Thanks for sticking around.}

Today I woke up, did my usual devotional time with my Lord, and {as He usually does} I got caught off guard. I read a few bible verses that brought to my memory some of my actions this past week.  Before I tell you what they are, let me give you some background.  I’m usually a pretty nice person. I treat people well {regardless of whether or not they deserve it}, I have a good amount of patience with people and for the most part {in my work and social life} I have been able to keep any frustrations inside. I don’t usually curse {especially in the presence of others}, and other than the occasional bout with Moviestar, I don’t tend to lash out in anger with people.  I’m also pretty forgiving.  Oh don’t I just sound like an angel? Well, I’m not…. far, far from it. I have to seek Jesus’ forgiveness every day. Trust me. Anyway, after reading these verses I realized I fell very short this week of the standards I try to uphold in myself. And then I began to realize that perhaps God is trying to show me that I’m not as “good” as I think I am and I have some stuff to work out…. Isn’t He just like that.  I’m so grateful.

Okay, here’s what happened. I work {part-time} in retail, in a position that deals with the visuals of the store.  However, I am also a great “go-to” gal who is capable of helping out all over.  So, what happens {from time to time} is that I have my daily tasks but things come up and people pull me to help with this or help with that and then my day either becomes longer or I have to rush through everything to make sure it gets done on time.  Being a person who likes to plan and be organized, this can become very frustrating.  I hate when supervisors can not make decisions or at least stand firm in the one’s they’ve made and when this effects me I tend to become a tad bit angry.  That’s where my trouble was this week.  I found myself being stretched very thin every day, having a lot more required of me than usual and it all tended to stem from someone else’s lack of preparation. This week I’ve been very angry at work and easily frustrated and instead of stepping back and reacting as I should, I found myself lashing out at people who a) didn’t deserve it or b) had no idea what I was dealing with.  By lashing out, I mean that I snapped at them, spoke without thinking first {usually saying something I didn’t really want to say} and had absolutely no patience with them what-so-ever. I’ve found myself apologizing to people more than I’d care to admit. Then yesterday, one of my closest compatriots at work {who curses like a sailor and always tells it like it is} became appalled when I curse word came from my mouth. I said I was sorry and explained how this week has been. I told her that I never curse because well, as a Christian I shouldn’t, but Moviestar has always done everything he could to nip it in the bud with me.  She then said, “Well, it’s not lady-like. That’s probably why he doesn’t like it.” This coming from a woman who as I said before, curses all the time.  We laughed, and then I realized all week I hadn’t been acting like a lady.

{Now, to our actual topic of the day.}

That incident made me think about what Moviestar {being a man} loves in women.  Yes, of course he loves outwardly beautiful women, but to him beauty is in the actions.  He has always told me that women of class, are attractive to him.  Women who act as women.  Now, all you feminists out there, don’t get all bunched up here.  He {and I} are not saying you can’t be strong, powerful and forthright.  Those traits are beautiful too.  But acting with class actually adds to your strength. So, what is “class”. I’m finding it hard to explain.  To me it is the essence of being a “Lady”. It’s a woman of strength because in order to behave in a classy manner, you have to be strong enough to control yourself.  You have to be constantly aware of what you are doing, saying and how you are being perceived. It’s moving with grace.  I have to admit that I am not a graceful woman.  Moviestar daily calls me clumsy and some people at work are seeing it too {I bump into stuff more than I should}. It’s speaking with intelligent, proper and edifying words. It’s treating people with respect and earning that respect in return, yet not demanding it.  It’s forgiving and not looking for ways to avenge a wrong-doing. It’s handling difficult situations with peace and confidence instead of anger, rash decisions and complaints. And it’s doing it all with sensitivity and compassion in the way only women can.

Do you see it?  The beauty in a woman who is all of these things?  I know it seems impossible.  And in reality in very well may be.  But I am going to pray about this.  I am going to tell God that this is who I want to be.  I am going to ask Him to help me be this woman of class. This woman of grace. This woman of beauty. This woman who inspires other women. I believe only He can help me be this way. Will you join me? Let’s be pretty, women.


*If you are interested in knowing the bible verses I mentioned earlier that sent me on this wild journey of revelation, here they are. Before you read them, pray and ask the Lord to speak to you in these verses about the specific areas in yourself that need attention. And don’t resist what may need to change. Embrace it, Lady!

Colossians 3: 3-5

Romans 3: 13-17, 23-25

1Peter 2:11-12

1 Peter 3:8-17

2 Peter 1: 5-9

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