Handmade Bookmarks Tutorial

I have already done a few little things for Teachers Appreciation Week, but I hadn’t done anything individually for my son’s teacher.  A woman who, in my humble opinion, is the standard that all teachers should aspire to reach.  I have been so touched by her words and actions throughout the year and just feel blessed to know her.  So naturally, I wanted to do something special for her.  The caveat is that she does not like to be fawned over and she doesn’t like extravagant gifts.  This is refreshing because, quite frankly, I am pretty tapped out of energy as we come to the close of the school year; but it forces creativity when we want to give her something special.

Aiden and I decided to make her a bookmark.  It’s simple, thoughtful and compliments her love of books.  I like to think that it will remind her of Aiden when she uses it years from now. We needed to choose among the handmade bookmarks which to make. I had originally planned on making her this cute bird design, but once we were at the store our blueprint changed a bit.  We ended up just getting a few packages of papercrafting adornments and some cardstock.  It was on sale at 40% off, so we ended up spending a little over $5.  We made 4 bookmarks (the other 3 were for my Asa’s lovely preschool teachers) and had enough left over to make at least a dozen more.  Which works out nicely, because they turned out so pretty that now I want one.


  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • your choice of adornments
  • glue
  • scissors
  • scrapbooking scissors
  • stapler


  1. Cut strips from your cardstock in the desired length and width (I did about 1.5 x 6 in.) using scrapbooking scissors with a pretty pattern.  I only had a pair of kids’ pattern scissors laying around.  They did the job, but a ‘grown-up’ pair probably would have been better 😉
  2. Choose a large adornment to serve as your top ‘flap’.  Cut a circle of cardstock that covers as much of the back of your adornment as you can without it being seen from the front.
  3. Staple the cardstock circle to the top of the cardstock strip.  Glue your chosen adornment to the cardstock circle.
  4. Embellish the rest of the cardstock with smaller adornments.  Don’t be afraid to cut them up if you need to.
  5. I also printed out a little quote about teaching (Often when I am reading a good book, I stop and thank my teacher.) If you would like to do this, just open a Word doc and format it to have 4 columns.  Keep the font size at 10 and and type your words into one of the columns.  This gave me the perfect size to print and paste onto the bookmark.




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