Handmade Thursdays: More Mothers Day Gift Ideas

So last week I went over some really great ideas for putting together a DIY Spa Mother’s Day gift and was planning on posting about something else this week, however I have been receiving some phone calls from friends and family members asking me for more Mothers Day gift ideas.  So, I thought perhaps you have been procrastinating on your gifts for Mother’s Day {which is this Sunday by the way….} and maybe I can help you pull out something memorable, easy and last minute, so here we go!

Mother’s Breakfast and Letters

First let me tell you about this one.  A few years ago my parents went on a trip to Holland with some family friends from their youth and it just happened to fall over Mother’s Day.  She was really upset about it but there was nothing that could be done.  I wanted to make sure she felt loved by her children when she was half-way across the country on a river boat.  So, I had all my siblings write her a note telling her just how they are feeling about her. Then I put all of the items shown in a box and gave them to my step-dad and asking him to be sure she received them first thing in the morning.  She said that it was such a surprise and she really enjoyed her granola and tea on her river boat in Amsterdam. This is the perfect gift if you don’t live close to your Mother and won’t be seeing her on this special day.  She will really love to be thinking of you as she eats her breakfast.

Patchwork Greeting Cards

If you are handy on a sewing machine {or just know the basics} these next few may just be for you! But let’s talk about these greeting cards first.  I love sewing on cards, it’s so much fun and helps you create something with a personal touch.  I think these would be a great idea for your grandmother or a mother in your life that you just want to give a little something to. I would make about 5-7 of these and then wrap them with a ribbon as a greeting card se they can give out when they need to.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

This is the perfect gift for a sewing woman in your life.  It’s even better if she’s just starting out learning to sew and could use this cute little sewing kit to help her along. But in all reality, every woman needs a little sewing kit to fix buttons, stitch a quick hole in something and well…. you get the picture.  If you want to give this to someone who does not know anything about hand stitching, you could even include  a small print out of hand stitching “how-to’s” like this one. I just want this to hold all my pins!

Fabric Wrapped Frame

My sister loves pictures and as a Creative Memories Consultant she often buys their shadow boxes and creates some really great ways to remember life.  However I wanted to make something just as fun but not as intricate and expensive.  Plus, I have some old picture frames lying around so I searched for what I could do. This is what I found. It’s a great tutorial. I made my own and had a ton of fun with it.

Pioneer Woman Brownies

Now I know, I know these are a craft, but if you lack craftiness and still want to make something for your mother what’s better than sweets? And let me tell you that these brownies from The Pioneer Woman are indescribable.  She’s amazing and all her recipes turn out faboo for me so why not throw these on a plate, give your mom a handmade card like this one I made and you will be all set!


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