Wedding Trends: The Rehearsal Dinner

Everyone wants a special wedding, but that is a difficult thing to do. Choosing the right theme and colors for you and your spouse is the key to having a distinctive wedding. The surest way to do right it is to begin it well. Kick it off the right way by doing the rehearsal dinner uniquely. Try to have the dinner match your wedding theme as much as possible. Just be sure to follow a few guidelines when planning your rehearsal dinner.

Above all, the rehearsal dinner is meant to be more casual than the wedding dinner. It truly is a practice for the night to come, so make it as easy going as possible no matter how formal your wedding may be tomorrow. This may by the first time your wedding party is able to spend some time time together, so make the dinner an environment where they can relax and do so. This may mean dinner at a restaurant or in the backyard. Either way, let everyone relax before the big day tomorrow.

As mentioned above, the rehearsal may be the first time that your entire wedding party will be together (besides the wedding rehearsal), so make it possible for them to mingle. Casual dining generally makes it more friendly and possible for them to get up and talk to each other. After all, the guests are there not only to celebrate your marriage, but to see friends and family as well.

If you’re struggling to find an idea for your rehearsal dinner, think of a fun, casual party ideas that you’ve always wanted to try. If it works with your theme, all the better.

If your wedding is centering around movies, try to have your rehearsal dinner in an old  movie theater. Or, play one of your favorite classic movies on a projector outside as entertainment for your dinner guests. You can also try to incorporate theater food (if it fits the palats of your guests) such as hotdogs, nachos, popcorn and candy. If you’re having a western or rustic themed shindig, have a BBQ in the backyard or in a barn.

A beach rehearsal dinner can actually be in the sand with tiki torches surrounding it for light.

Try something you’ve always wanted to do as well, such as a massive game night. Have one or two games going on at the table for everyone to join in with. Or try something creative you and your groom like.

If all else fails, just choose an interesting location near your wedding location. The coolest rehearsal dinner I attended was in a historical location turned hotel. When I was in Rhodes, Greece (during my first trip there) a rehearsal dinner for a wedding I attended was held at the Elafos Hotel, which was built by Mussolini during World War II. It served as a country house for SS officers (Hitler and Mussolini had their own separate house above the officers’ house). It was fun for guests to just walk around the Bavarian cottage and enjoy the design and history of the it while they talked. Look for a location that will be interesting and enjoyable. If it is, then it will be memorable. This may be something historical, fun or just plain gorgeous. Think of old barns, houses, docks, schools, gardens, theaters, churches, and even grocery stores. Anything that will make for an interesting location should be considered.

Make your rehearsal dinner enjoyable and it will be a memorable night. Be creative and have fun planning!



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