Handmade Thursday’s: DIY Spa Mother’s Day Gifts

I know today I usually post some fabulous thing I’ve been working on (or sometimes not-so-fabulous) but I figured with Mother’s Day just around the corner, all you Crafty Kids might just want some cool ideas for making a gift for those special ladies in your life.  I know I do. And that’s where I found myself. Mother’s Day gifts can become so monotonous, so I was just itching to come up with a nifty idea. You know, something I could make my Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, Sister and Sister-in-law who are all amazing mothers, but nothing was coming to me.  So, I did what I normally do in these circumstances: I browse the web.  Usually Pinterest, but often I just go to all my social media outlets and see what my favorite people and blogs are talking about.  I thought someone would have an idea.  And boy was I right! Thanks everyone.

After much digging and clicking I realized there are too many DIY Bath essentials out there to ignore and I wanted to put together a nice Home Spa Gift.  So, here are a few ideas that I’m going to take advantage of and I hope you will too.  What woman doesn’t want bath stuff? Especially if it’s made by your lovely hands and crazy natural!?

These Salt Pouches from The Mother Huddle just ooze cleanliness and fragrance. I especially love how to can tailor them for your needs…. or in this case, the needs of your Mother!  And it’s so easy and pretty inexpensive. They can be nice for a bath but they work great in the shower cause, to be honest, what mother has time for baths, right?

Now if they do have time for baths, I have for you a Bath Tea.  A what? Oh yes, a tea bag for you bath.  If your mother or sister or whoever loves taking baths then this is most assuredly for them. And once you’ve made these you’ll pretty much have everything you need for the Salt Pouches.  Genius. I love the idea of these because not only will they give your bathroom an aroma to die for and have your much desired bath salts, but liket he Salt pouches the add-in options are endless.  You can mix in powdered milk, baking soda, oatmeal and more as skin softeners. Love it, love it, love it. You can also check out this one from good ol’ Martha.

Now here’s one I know my own mother would love:  Lotion Bars (and Lip Balm). Now I have to tell you that my mother – for the entire almost 30 years I’ve known her – has lathered her body everyday after the shower.  And I mean, lathered. Oh, and I also mean her entire body. It’s craziness.  She also has an addiction to Chap Stick.  It’s a problem that we as a family really need to deal with:) But in all seriousness, I know that if she had these lotion bars it would assist her moisturizing routine greatly. Though after lotioning up her skin every day for over 30 years she does have pretty amazing skin – and always has.  So, I highly recommend these bars because your skin needs the moisture kids! Plus, the lip balm seems pretty great too. I can’t wait!

Here’s another great soap that I think I might just make for myself because I have all of these ingredients in my pantry right now…. hence the Pantry Soap.  I know this is another soap but it’s a different kind that can suds you up with some exfoliating oatmeal.

I love bath scrubs and this Lemon Sugar Scrub seems invigorating and scrumptious {Thanks to The Idea Room}. Again, really simple, but what I’m crazy about the most are the jar labels… ahhh… and she gives them to you to print out… what a gal.

Lastly, I found a really easy and nice homemade Bubble Bath from Beauty Bets. Once I had found some soaps and salts, I really wanted to find a bubble bath or a bath soak that was simple and pretty easy to make.  I’m also crazy about the fact that she put it in a mason jar… I L-O-V-E love mason jars.  I think they just add such character to a room.

That said, if you put together a little bath gift for that special Mother in your life, be sure to put each item in cool canisters or containers.  This way, they will want to display your gift the bathroom on shelves.  Why does this matter? Cause you know how easily bath stuff can get put in a closet or under the sink and forgotten about, right? Well, if it’s pretty and out, it’ll get used! Just a “Tip”peroo for you.  And this isn’t just a Mother-Daughter gift, it makes a great Mother-Son gift as well.  Men out there…. if you can make it, your Mom would love to know that you know she deserves a little pampering.  And how much would she love to know you made it yourself?!

Need more ideas? Head to this lovely Gift- Guide from Etsy. Happy Mother’s day gifting!

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