Easy Nail Art

This is nothing like warming weather to get a girl thinking about her nails!  Many of us have unkempt fingers and toes that are about to be unearthed from our forgiving mittens and socks for things like bridal showers and beach days.  Because my duties include floor scrubbing, dish cleaning, and many other things that I will sheild you from that result in continuous hand washing; my hands are often disheveled.  But after seeing my girlfriend, who herself has similar hand-torturing duties at home, with some stunning nail art going on–I decided that it was worth the effort this year.  A few minutes into my Google image searches and I reaffirmed what I have long held true about nail art.  A good deal of it is tacky, creepy and downright gross!  I wanted something simple and sophisticated with just enough pizazz to get noticed.  I also wanted something that I could do myself, so pretty amateur.  Here are my winners:


Gold and Coral Stripes

@ ThatsSoRue

Rainbow Glitter Nails

@ TheWanderingArtist

Goldleaf Corners

 @ TheBeautyDepartment

Ombre Stain

 @ BeautyLish

Individual Ombre


Sparkly Ombre


Simple Polka Dots

@  WeHeartIt

Side Dots

@ FabFitFun

French Tip Dots

@ WithFeeling


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