10 More Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods

diy natural beauty recipes

Our natural beauty recipes post was loved so much that I thought I should share more natural beauty recipes with you! As I said before, I believe simple and cheap is the way to go in many areas of life. A rough economy does not mix well with expensive beauty products. This is especially true when you can achieve the effect that store-bought beauty products promise without leaving the comfort of your home. Read on for simple and natural beauty recipes to help you make you a savvy consumer.

1.) Strengthen dry and brittle hair with honey, olive oil and egg yolk

Olive oil and honey are highly moisturizing and honey holds moisture better than any other natural ingredient. Egg yolk also reduces brittleness by adding a multitude of vitamins, including along with keratin. Mix together a cup half of a cup to one cup of honey (depending on your hair length) with one to two tablespoons of oil and one egg yolk. Cover your damp hair with the mixture and comb it through evenly. Let the recipe sit for 30 to 60 minutes for optimal results. Rinse off with water only and you should begin to see a difference in your hair by the time your hair is dry. I have struggled hair dryness and brittleness and this is the only treatment that has helped to strengthen and moisturize my hair with results lasting longer than a day.

2.) Exfoliate sensitive skin with whole milk (and no scrub)

To exfoliate your skin gently with no scrubbing required, pour a gallon of whole milk into your bath. The lactic acid of the milk will exfoliate the skin and the high fat content will also moisturize your skin as it is exfoliated. This is a great way for those with sensitive skin to exfoliate without abrasion. If you do not want to use up all of the milk in the house for your bath, you can pour half of a cup of vinegar into your bath instead. Your skin will not be moisturized by using vinegar as it would be with whole milk, but it will gently exfoliate.

3.) Whiten your yellow nails with lemon juice

If your nails yellow, you can clean them up using lemon juice. The easiest and most effective way to achieve results this is to cut a lemon in half and stick your nails into the lemon half. Let your fingers soak in the lemon juice for two to five minutes and then rinse your hands. You should see results with one use within one week of the treatment. Just be careful to make sure that you do not have any open cuts on your hands before trying this.

4.) Get rid of dandruff with olive oil and lemon juice

The acid in the lemon will remove the dandruff present on the surface on the scalp while the olive oil will moisturize your scalp to prevent further dandruff. Mix together equal parts olive oil and lemon juice. With damp hair, massage this concoction into your scalp and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Rinse off with water only. You should see a noticeable difference at least two weeks.

5.) Firm your skin and boost your energy with cocoa powder

To invigorate your face and your own energy, try cocoa powder. The caffeine in cocoa will firm and stimulate your face while giving you a boost of energy as well. Cocoa is also rich with antioxidants, which helps slow the effects of aging. So, this will not only help you look younger, it will also give you a youthful jolt of energy as well. Mix together equal parts raw cocoa powder with plain yogurt and spread the paste onto your face. Let it site for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

6.) Tone and moisturize your skin with bananas and honey

Tone your face and help fight wrinkles naturally with bananas and honey. Bananas are full of vitamins which help repair skin and its faint acidity helps exfoliate as well. Honey helps to tone the skin and hold the added moisture. Mash a quarter to half of a banana in a bowl. Add one to two teaspoons of honey to create a paste. Thickly coat your face with mixture. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes for optimal results and then rinse off with water.

7.) Add luster to your hair with coconut milk

If your hair is dull and laking luster, try a rinse of pure coconut milk. Coconut milk will not only remove the buildup in your hair, it will also add a slew of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to help your hair strengthen and grow fuller. Coat your damp hair with coconut milk from root to tip. Allow it to sit for at least ten minutes. Then, rinse your hair with water only. You should begin to see results once your hair is dry.

8.) Soothe and heal sunburns more quickly with aloe vera and honey

I suggest using more than just aloe vera to soothe sunburns. While aloe vera is capable of soothing damaged skin, honey is able to heal it quickly. Mix equal parts aloe vera and honey and spread the mixture onto the effected skin. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.

9.) Whiten your teeth

The simplest and cheapest way to whiten your teeth is with a little baking soda. Baking soda is a great basic whitener, which is why many toothpastes boast the fact that they contain it. Mix together a dash of baking soda into your serving of toothpaste to boost the whitening power of your toothpaste. To increase the effect, mix hydrogen peroxide in equal parts with your mouthwash. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective whitener, which is why it is used in many store-bought whitening products. Use these methods once a week until your teeth are as white as you wish. If you would like keep it natural and use food, try rubbing your teeth with an orange peel everyday until you see the shade o white that you want!

10.) Add volume to your hair with beer

If your hair is limp, you can add some volume with beer. Choose a beer with lots of hops in it. The yeast in the beer will add fullness to your hair and the hops and malt will add protein, and therefore strength, to your hair. Let it sit out for a few hours to allow it to go flat. Then, cover your damp hair with it and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with water and you should begin to see a difference once your hair is dry. You can also add more ingredients to this recipe to help your hair even more. For more help with beer beauty, check out this.

For more natural beauty recipes, check out our natural ways to treat acne, natural beauty recipes using everyday foods, even more natural beauty recipes and beer brewed beauty tips. Do you have any natural beauty recipes? Let us know below!

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