Repurposing Shutters Around Your Home Fashionably

As of late, decorating has not been a focal part of my life. This is a shame, because it used to be.  In fact, before committing to an architecture major, I considered becoming an interior designer.  I subscribed to several design magazines and would pore over them with every free moment I found.  I would earmark the pages of all of the styles I planned to explore once I was released from my stark white apartment and set free into a house of my very own.  However, when my husband and I did move into our own home, I was too preoccupied with our 7-month-old son to launch into my ambitious desires.  So, we threw up some plain paint, laid down some flooring and called it a day.

It looks pleasant, but lacks that certain niche appearance that I was so fond of in my magazines.  Now that my boys have almost outgrown their destructive phase, I have decide to scratch that decorating itch once again.  My style is shabby chic, vintage and antique.  Anything that feels like it has had a past life instantly draws me in.  So naturally repurposing has become an obsession of mine.  And reclaimed shutters, forget about it.  Does it get more shabby chic than that? They add instant cool and provide ample opportunities to add interest and function to your home.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas of repurposing shutters from around the web.

Message Center

DIY Shutter Bulletin Message Board

Shutters Turned DIY Bulletin Board Message Board



shutters converted to DIY shelf


stand alone shutters converted into DIY standing shelf


shutter converted into diy jewelry holder



shutters converted into diy bed headboard


standing shutters converted to diy bed headboard



diy wall paneling using repurposed shutters



repurposed shutters converted to diy ceiling paneling

@ Ella Dining Room



shutters converted to diy wall divider


diy shutters wall lining

Do you have any tips on repurposing shutters around the home? If so, tell us your secrets below in the comments section.

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