Fabulous Etsy Finds: All Shades of Green

I am pretty excited, folks! In a few weeks I will be going on a birthday trip! This is monumental for a few reasons. 1) I am turning 30. 2) I haven’t been on a successful overnight trip away from the kids in nearly 7 years. 3) I am returning to my hometown(ish), Chicago (I am actually from the suburbs, but still have family in the city). 4) My birthday happens to be on the same weekend as St. Patrick’s Day. And 5) the best part, I will be traveling with my very own Claire Bear.

Now that we have the major details (airfare, hotels, rental car…) ironed out, it is time to get to the fun stuff. Accessories!! Having lived in Southern California for the last 10 years, I am slightly ill-equipped to brave the elements of a windy Mid-West winter.  I have a coat and some boots, but my other winter gear has gotten lost in the shuffle that is my life. I haven’t truly celebrated St Patty’s Day since, umm…ever.  And this may be the last time I do for a good many years. So since I am shopping specifically for this trip, I figure why not green it up. And while I was at it, why not find a few pretty things for our nighttime bash? I looked a few places locally, but as we all know Etsy is the place to go for eye-catching finds. Here are a few things on my Fabulous Etsy Finds to-buy list:


If you ask me, this pin is just the most charming way to not get pinched.  And I have a feeling that the good people of Chicago take their pinching seriously.


I ike this headband because its simple, but the sheen still makes it stand out just enough.


This cozy little bit of green keeps you in the spirit of things even when you’re all bundled up.


This hat is for the girl who is not content with blending in. The seller also has some festive beanies that are a little bit more toned down, but still oh so cute.


This wrap is a beanie in the front and a headband in the back.  I like it because it keeps your ears and face warm without making your hair all scrunched up and itchy against your head. Oh, and the fact that it’s made by a an Irish granny almost makes me feel obligated to buy it for St Patty’s Day.


I’m not sure that I could get away with fingerless gloves in Chi-town, but these are cute enough to make me want to try. Perhaps, I can just carry a latte around all day…


If I thought that I could force Claire to wear it, this bearded hat combo would be on it’s way to her doorstep as I type. It’s cool because you can detach the beard and just wear the beanie if you decide that peple are not taking you seriously enough.


This earflap cap has a retro feel that seems to pull me in.


 These hairpins mimic the Irish flag and they add a chic burst of color to any coif.


These hair (or shoe!) clips are any elegant way to Irish up your outfit. These would be so feminine clipped to the back of a pair of black heels.


I heart conversation starters, especially when you are in a city where you hardly know anyone! This unique ring offers plenty to talk about.


It’s vintage, it’s romantic, it’s green. This ring was custom made for my big St. Patty’s Day.


I am not sure what to make of this ring. It’s sorta modern, without being bland. It’s kinda vintage, without looking old-fashioned. It is the best of both worlds, and most definitely Irish looking.


It is nearly impossible for me to resist any sort of cameo, so it should come as no surprise the these earrings made my St Patty’s Day list.

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