How to Get Spotify Premium Services Through Youtube on Your iPhone for Free

I’m not exactly a techy with my iPhone, but I have learned plenty of tricks and found numerous apps to help me get the most out of my phone. I like to bring you all the tips I can to help you get the most out of your expensive device as well. Usually, I post about apps that can help, but today I have something new for you. One trick I have discovered recently has helped me listen to any song I want on the go without draining my battery, costing me money or hogging my phone. Best of all, it’s done through Youtube, which is built in on the iPhone. By using this trick, you get the services of Spotify Premium through Youtube for free. If you don’t know about Spotify, it’s a music service (on computers and smart phones) that stream music through the internet. Just look up the song and press play. With the downloadable internet program, the service is free with a few advertisements between songs (which can get really annoying). You just need an internet connection to get all the music you want free and legally. To get this on smartphones though, you need Spotify Premium, which costs $10 per month. To avoid this fee while still getting all the music you want, try this iPhone savvy trick.

If you’ve ever played a song through Youtube on the iPhone, you know that in order to listen to the song, you have to stay within the app and allow the screen to play the video. This drains the battery quickly and also hogs the phone, because you can’t leave the app. You can avoid both of these problems very easily, though. Just follow these steps:

  1. Once you find a song on Youtube, tap it to play.
  2. After it has at least partially loaded and begun playing, press the home button to exit out of the app.
  3. Press the power button to put the phone to sleep.
  4. Once asleep, tap the home button once to liven the screen.
  5. Then, double tap the home button for the music controls to appear.
  6. Press the play button
  7. Voila! The music that you just began playing on Youtube will begin playing. And, you can continue to use your phone with music playing in the background, just as you would when using the built in music app.

Your battery will use far less battery using Youtube this way rather keeping the app open to allow the video to play. Also, if you want to get the true effect of Spotify Premium, create your own playlists on Youtube and the songs will play continuously just as you would expect. That’s all there there is to it!

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