Wedding Trends: Here Comes the Bride

The four words every groom loves to hear. Or, rather, the song that he can’t wait to hear as he waits at the altar. This key point that signals the beginning of the ceremony is timeless. Recently, a new trend has emerged that actually isn’t new, but a tribute to the olden days. And this does not mean the yesteryears of the 1920’s, but more along the lines of a few centuries before. Bring back a little bit of old world charm with the use of signs to announce (or help announce) the coming of the bride.


It seems that flowers girls and ring bearers have a bit more work to do now. They no longer just walk down the aisle tossing petals and carrying pillows.

They now announce the bride’s arrival.


Or, if you’d like to include more kids in the ceremony, they can be given the role of sign carrier.

This can be as few……

or as many kids as you’d like. It’s always cute to see kids play a part in the wedding, so the more they can do, the sweeter and more fun the ceremony will be.

Kids of all ages can do this as well. Older kids can help younger kids and young kids can go it alone.

For the very young, a wagon can be used. It only depends on the kids that will be in the wedding.

Best of all, this trend can be used in basically any wedding.

Whether the wedding is classic, whimsical, vintage, rustic or otherwise, a sign can be made to fit the theme.


Of course, you can also put your own spin on it 🙂

And, it’s always a romantic homage to the past and an interesting way for the groom and guests to greet the bride.

So, if you’d like to add a new touch to the tradition of here comes the bride, find some vintage inspiration in signs. Then, make your own for your very own personal touch.


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unless noted, photos via Style Me Pretty

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