Valentine’s Fashion to Make Your Heart Skip

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and along with cards, flowers and dates, it’s also one of the few days of the year to get dressed up. It’s a way to make the day (and night) more romantic, and honestly, what girl does not like to get dressed up every now and then? And, for the special day of St. Valentine, not just any dress will do. Here are some helpful ideas for you to choose the prettiest dress for your Valentine’s day and date.

Valentine’s Day is all about romance which means hearts. Heart are a bold statement, but obviously work well on Valentine’s Day. The best way to wear hearts is on a red or pink dress. This may be difficult to do, though, without looking like a teenager. If you can find a tasteful heart dress that is fashionable for women, snag it up for the perfect Valentine’s wear.

Second to hearts on Valentine’s day are flowers. They’re not only fun to receive, but to wear as well. Flowers are quite common on dresses, so there are plenty of options from casual to formal. Try to find something with a sweet, romantic feel, whether it’s for the day or night.

The last element perfect for Valentine’s day are bows. Like flowers, there are also plenty of dresses adorned with them. They always add an eloquent and very feminine touch to every dress. Whether long or short, casual or formal, bows are lovely and a romantic addition to every dress.

Colors also mean a great deal on Valentine’s day. Red is of course the color of love. Pink is the color of sweetness. Black is formal, but other colors can work as well. Choose something romantic for the day or night and of course, choose something with your style. Have a happy and *romantic* Valentine’s Day!

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