Sweets We Heart

Paired or single.  Young or old.  There are few people who can resist Valentine’s Day desserts in the shape of a heart.  On any other day you might look at these recipes as a frivolous plate of silliness, but on V-Day they are almost a requirement.  Even my tough guy hubby gets a tad bit giddy when I pull out my heart shaped cookie cutters on February 14.  So to fulfill my duty of overwhelming the internet with hearts for the next week or so, I have compiled a list of some of the cutest little Valentine’s Day desserts you will ever see (and don’t forget about our heart cookies recipes).  Enjoy!

Heart Cinnamon Rolls @LisaLeonard

Heart Puffed Oven Pancakes @OurBestBites

Heart Eclairs @MarthaStewart

Marbled Heart Cookies @AnniesEats

Custom Stamped Cookies

Fudge Filled Heart Cut Out Cookies @BHG

Strawberry Oreos @ThirtyHandmadeDays

Heart Suckers @TheIdeaRoom

Filled Heart Cupcakes @MarthaStewart

Marbled Red Velvet Brownies @TheNoviceChef

White and Dark Brownie Hearts @SmittenKitchen

Rainbow Heart Cake @Bakingdom

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