Make Your Own Valentines Day Cards

Oh Valentines Day, the day for romance whether you’re are romantic or not. It’s a lovely day no matter what anyone says (and I’m saying this as a single person). It’s a day set aside to celebrate love and to appreciate the person you are with. Unfortunately, many businesses take advantage of it, skyrocketing prices for all things romantic from teddy bears to dinners to flowers. Personally, I find one of the biggest rackets to be greeting cards. I just can’t understand how a simple card can cost five dollars. So, to make your Valentine’s gift a little more personal and to steal from the Hallmark machine ;), I’ve got a few easy ways for you to make your own Valentine’s Day Cards. St. Valentine would be proud.


Make some beautiful hearts, flowers, rainbows and more with stamps. Rather than buying several stamps though, simply buy erasers. You can carve your own images into erasers or simply use pencil eraser to turn a collage of color into images. Spell your Valentine’s name out in stamps or make a lovely pattern. This is quite simple, yet looks ornate and well done.


Make perfect rose patterns with celery! I know it sounds crazy, but celery stalks can make lovely roses for your cards. Just cut the stalk low and evenly. Then, lightly dip it in paint and press it onto the card. Paint on some leaves and maybe a stem as well to complete the rose. It makes for a beautiful card from the kids or a sweet handmade card to your Valentine.


Make a popup card that rivals store-bought cards. Make the pop up portion first as elaborate and colorful as you desire. Then, put it together in the card using this tutorial. You will never have a need to buy a card again once you learn how to put a 3-D one together!


For intricate and classic beauty that is as easy to make as it is lovely, use this doily card. Simply cut the doily in the shape and size as you desire. Then, glue the doily on smoothly, using glue sparingly. Only glue at key points to prevent it from smudging or leaking through. That’s all it takes! If you are having a creative block and can’t think of any designs, check these out for some ideas. Or, if you want to make a card out of the doily itself,  check out this site.

If you want to take the easy way out and just add a card-like tag to your gift, then these printables are for you…….or these, or these or perhaps these. You can also download lovely vintage decorations here and find Valentine’s jokes for your kids here.

So get your creative thumbs out and get going! Whether you are making something with photoshop or with markers, make it special for your Valentine. Just remember that flowers will die and chocolates will be eaten, but a personal, handmade card is something that can be treasured forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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