Unique Wedding Touches for Your Guests

Welcome to another edition of Unique Wedding Touches! Along with wedding trends, I like to bring you some special ideas that are underused and easy to add to your wedding. Although the most remembered wedding elements are the cake and the dress, very interesting details also linger with guests, such as things they’ve never seen before. It’s always great when you can wow your guests with something they’ve never seen before, but this usually involves a considerable amount of money…….unless you use a little creativity, which these hope to bring you!

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1.) Ages as Table Numbers

There are many options for centerpieces and table numbers, but they greatly depend on the wedding theme. For a personal touch that can fit almost any theme though, the bride and groom can use photos of themselves at the age of the table number. So, for table twelve there would be photos of the bride, groom or both as their table number at the age of twelve. Obviously for large weddings this may difficult, because you’re only so old 🙂

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2.) Song Requests on Wedding Invitations

On wedding invitations, add a line for song requests. You can also include it on your website as well. This gives a way for guests be more involved with the wedding. So, when they hear their song request come on, they will probably get excited and want to dance. This ensures that guests will like the music played. More importantly, it will make for a memorable soundtrack, some teasing about songs chosen and a great party overall.

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3.) Chalk nametags on Guests’ Glasses

Save cups by having your guests write their name on the cup with chalk. Spray paint chalk onto guests’ cups and have a few pieces of chalk next to drinks or cups, so guests can mark their cups. If you can find chalk in the theme of your wedding colors, then it’s an even better detail. Also, because this is a DIY project, if you don’t want to keep the guests’ cups after the wedding, let them take the cups home. It’s a lovely momento that they will definitely use for time to come and a cool little addition to their favors.

4.) A Wishing Well

If you are lucky enough to have a well or a fountain at your wedding reception, put it to good use by turning it into a wishing well! Leave a bowl of pennies out for guests to make a wish for the happy new couple for a romantic touch. Guests will love the sentiment, and kids probably will use every last penny in the bowl.

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5.) Honeymoon Fund

If you’re worried about the costs of a wedding, like most people are, you also probably wonder how you will be able to afford a honeymoon. You can get a little help from guests by putting out a honeymoon fund jar. Guests can donate as little or as much as they want anonymously and you find the pleasant support you received the next day. It may not cover the honeymoon, but it may be just enough for spending money.

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6.) Advice for Marriage

Another way for your guests to add to your big day is to ask the for their advice. This could mean their ‘prescription’ for a healthy marriage, their ‘key’ to a happy marriage and more. Leave pieces of paper out for your guests to write their pearls of wisdom along with the proper decor (keys, prescription bottles, etc). You can leave the notes at their place setting, by the guestbook or anywhere else you can imagine.

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7.) I Spy Games for Kids

This is for the kids to help them run around enjoying the wedding. Make an I spy game hand out markers (the more whimsical, the better) for kids to scope out the wedding looking for the items. You only need Picnik/Photoshop, sturdy stock paper to print on and a little imagination. Or, you can alway steal one from Martha Stewart 😉
Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for your own creative ideas or helped you find that special detail you were looking for. Do you have any touches that you would be great in a wedding. Let us know below!
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