Easy and Unique DIY Vases

Everyone loves vases, but it can be difficult to find one that is unique rather than the run-of-the-mill vases you have seen 100 times before. As a common centerpiece, you would most likely like a vase to be unique, just as you would the rest of your room decor. Whether it is filled with flowers, a candle pebbles, or sitting empty, a vase can add the perfect decor accent if done well. If you flex your craft skills, then you can create adorable DIY vases that add originality and attention to your decor.

diy vases

courtesy of fermliving.blogspot.com

This lovely vase is beautiful in its simplicity. All it takes to create this cute vase are some sequins and glue. How you would like the sequins to rest in the vase will determine which method you use to add them. If you want them on the bottom, just pour them in alone. If you want them to rest on the sides of the glass, you can coat the sequins in a clear adhesive (such as eye glass glue or craft glue). Then, pour them into vase and roll them around until the walls are covered to your liking. If you want the sequins to rest at the top and bottom areas only, as you see in the photo, use a small brush or a q-tip. With a brush or q-tip, swab the portions of the glass where you would like the sequins to stick. Then, pour in the sequins and roll them around until they are in place. Dump out the excess sequins gently. Let the vase sit for 24 hours to dry completely.

diy vases

For this cozy yet stylish vase, collect a few glass pop, beer or wine bottles. Also, pick up some clear craft glue and yarn from the craft store. Beginning from the bottom, coat a portion of the bottle lightly in glue and wrap the yarn around the bottle. Continue doing this until you reach the top and the bottle is fully covered. Let the bottle dry overnight before adding flowers and water. If you plan to make more than one vase, mix it up a bit by different sizes and shapes of bottles for a dazzling shabby chic collection of DIY vases.

diy vases

courtesy of arrowandapple.com

For some true vintage charm, these vases are the way to go. They are as easy as they are customizable and pretty. Pick out your favorite paper pages from your favorite book, an antique map, a classic photo, portrait or otherwise. Glue the pages onto bare, empty jars using mod podge until the jar is fully covered. Once covered, set the vase aside to dry overnight. Afterward, you can fill it with flowers or a candle. A glowing candle illuminating the beautiful paper is a charming touch for almost any decor scheme.

diy vases

courtesy of sjarmerende-gjenbruk.blogspot.com

This vase is simple, whimsical and somehow elegant. Cut the bottom of a used light bulb off and empty the bulb of its contents. Rinse out the light bulb with some soap and water. Next, fill it with water and then set it on something that will hold it upright, such as a napkin ring. Add your favorite flower to this mini vase to complete the look.  A few of these DIY vases create a lovely centerpiece collage, especially when set at various heights.

For this ornate design, either buy punch paper or create your own using sturdy poster board paper, stock paper or card paper. Then, punch the design of your choosing into paper. Your choice depends only upon how crafty you are. Then, lightly adhere clear glue to the inside of the punched paper (avoiding the holes when possible) and carefully adhere it onto the jar. Be careful not to smear the glue or let it ooze out. If it does, carefully wipe it away without getting it onto the outside of the punched paper.

If you want to create this look, but do not want to use a jar, simply make a circle or square out of the punched paper and glue the ends together. Then, place a candle onto a plate or holder. Then, place the punched paper vase over it. Either way creates beautiful designs with light and shadows when the light glows through the paper designs.

diy vases

courtesy of witandwhistle.com

For those who want light, but not fire, this is the vase for you. Take a dark wine bottle and drill a small hole into the back of it. It only needs to be big enough to be able to fit a string of lights. Next, shove a string of lights through the hole into the wine bottle until it is full. An obvious drawback to using this vase as a centerpiece is that the string lights need to be plugged in. However, this issue can be avoided by using a battery-powered string of lights. The battery box can be hidden among flowers and other elements in a centerpiece. Believe me, this neat, incandescent glow is worth the effort.

diy vases

courtesy of laurenelisecrafted.com

Use this vase if you wish you use your own design. You will need paint (a Behr paint tester was recommended), paint brushes, jars and sticker project paper. Firstly, choose the design that you want to add onto the jars. As you can see, a silhouette is a lovely addition, but the possibilities are only limited by your creativity and skills. Once you have chosen a design, you can transfer the image onto the sticker project paper in a few different ways. If the design is electronic, you can print it on the project paper. If you have the physical design, you can glue it onto the project paper. If the design is a stencil, you can trace it onto the project paper. Next, cut out the design from the sticker paper. Then, peel the sticker off and place the design (or its silhouette) onto the vase. Then, paint the bare portions of the jar evenly and thickly. Let the jar dry for two hours and then decorate it as you wish.

diy vases

courtesy of michaelanoelledesigns.blogspot.com

This is possibly my favorite of the DIY vases due to its chic and vintage beauty. For this look, you will need glitter paint (gold is pictured), spray paint, a few strips of lace and a jar or glass bottle. Where you want the lace design to appear on the jar/bottle, paint on the glitter in a scattered pattern. Then, cover the the glittered areas with the strips of lace. Use a little bit of tape to keep the lace in place and then spray paint the entire jar or bottle. When you finish spray painting, remove the lace immediately, so that it does not get stuck to the jar/bottle as the paint dries. Allow the jar/bottle to dry for at least two hours and then put it to use!


A tea cup candle is also gorgeous and we love them whenever possibly, including when creating DIY vases or candle holders. You can find out how to make this lovely craft here.

Do you have any beautiful DIY vases that you have made yourself?

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