Easy Christmas Dinner Centerpieces

Christmas is literally right around the corner, which means many things. Family is now coming into town, those last few gifts must be bought right away, there’s so much wrapping left to do, and you need to get to the store for all the baking and cooking ingredients before they run out. How did Christmas come so fast? With all of that to worry about, the last thing you want to worry about are the centerpieces. While cooking up a storm, wrapping the last few presents, being pleasant with the in-laws and trying to actually enjoy the night, you don’t want to try to figure out how you’re going to decorate the table at the last second. So, here are some simple and beautiful Christmas dinner centerpieces ideas that will make your table glow and add Christmas ambiance.

{We have you covered for Christmas tree ornaments and DIY Christmas decor, too!}

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Fruit makes the most beautiful Christmas table centerpieces. It’s a rarity during the winter that is the epitome of a Christmas feast. For this simple candle centerpiece, fill a mason jar with some greenery at the bottom. Then fill the jar enough to cover the greens. Pour as many cranberries as you wish on top of the water and then continue pouring water until the jar is filled. Add a floating candle on the top of the jar opening. Make room in the cranberries when adding the candle.

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For a large centerpiece, fill a large vase with fruit and other natural elements. Try to incorporate as much color as possible. Outline the bottom of the vase with limes. For the next layer, use a red elements, such as cranberries, pomegranates or apples. Top of the red layer with bright oranges. For a more wild natural element and a great smell, add some pine branches and/or poinsettias. If you wish,sprinkle the entire centerpiece with some cranberries, so it doesn’t look too rigid.

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I love this one. Fill a vase or large wine glass 4/5 with cranberries. Then fill it will water almost to the brim. Top it off with lovely flowers of your choosing. Contrasting colors are always beautiful. To complete the look, add some green detail such as holly leaves. This is beautiful, elegant, easy and original. For extra flare, as seen in the picture, you can incorporate ribbons. Wrap the vase stem in a bow, create a table runner, or anything else you can think of.

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For a smaller centerpiece, glue a candle onto the top of an apple. Then, tie holly leaves to the base of the candle. Use a colorful Christmas ribbon to do this. It’s very simple, cheap and beautiful. Afterwards, kids can play with them and they also make for great candles during Christmas caroling.

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If you want a look that doesn’t include fruit, try this simple centerpiece of candles and peppermint. Simply lay candles (various sizes look beautiful) on a lovely tray. If you have a Christmas tray or one that has been passed down in your family, this would be perfect. Then, outline the candles with peppermint candies. It will give off a great smell and the kids will love to grab them for dessert after dinner.

Jazz up your candles with some candy canes and Christmas ribbon. For the candles you plan to put on your dinner table, just tie some candy canes onto them with ribbon to make them whimsically lovely. You can also add ornaments around the candles to dress up the entire table as well.


The centerpieces of your Christmas dinner should be the last thing you’re worrying on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hopefully these make it a little bit easier for you to choose one. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very lovely table!

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