Bad Christmas Photos are Funny Christmas Photos

As you may or may not know, I love awkward photos (if not, look below for the links). Usually when I post about them, they involve weddings. Being in the Christmas spirit though, I just had to go looking for some of the treasures lying in the insurmountable number of Christmas photos taken every year. Ugly sweaters, unhappy photos with Santa, unforgettable Christmas cards – they all make for hilarious moments and by some Christmas miracle, someone was there to capture each and every one of these moments. I have picked out a few of my favorite funny Christmas photos from the world wide internets to share with you. Enjoy these funny Christmas photos as you get more in the Christmas spirit.




If you cannot quite figure out what is awkward about the last photo, check out the hands of the children 🙂 I also had no idea how popular it is to dress up as a Christmas tree. We hope you enjoyed our small Christmas gift to you of funny Christmas photos. If you have any of your own, I highly recommend submitting them to Awkward Family Photos so people beyond your family can enjoy. We hope you all have a merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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photos courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

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