Etsy Thanksgiving Finds

It has been quite a while since I have delved into the world of enchanted whimsy that is Etsy.  But a few days ago all of this Fall craftiness in the air got the better of me and sent me perusing.  The holidays seem to bring out the best in creative folks because I came across a bounty(pardon the corny pun) of seasonal things that made me squeal out loud with delight.  I tried to stay in the Thanksgiving section, but I still happened upon quite a few Christmas gems (more on those in a few weeks).  For now, here are some of the many reasons that I am thankful for Etsy.



I am a homemade, kitschy kind of girl so this crocheted pumpkin garland makes my heart swoon.  Its the kind of thing that makes a house a home.


The idea of hanging this bountiful swag on your door in lieu of a wreath is creative genius.  It is so real and genuine; unlike, say, fake flowers or pine branches.  I love stuff like this, but I can’t use it inside because 1) my 2 year old will rip it to shreds and 2) it makes most spaces look cluttered.  This hanging swag is the perfect solution for me.




Not one, not two, but three inspirational banners to decorate your mantel, hutch, wall, etc.  And there are so many more all over Etsy.  These are my favorites because they remind me of the true spirit of Thanksgiving—gathering together with those who you are blessed to have in your life.


This is the kind of thing that defines me.  If you were to show this to one of the other IP girls they would say, “Oh yeah, that’s a Bonnie thing.” This leaf garland is wispy, simple and different without being too bold.  And it just makes me happy 🙂


Board game/group games are most definitely another ‘Bonnie’ thing.  Anything that involves quick-thinking adults competing against each other makes me giddy with delight.  So when I saw this package with 20 different printable games my fingers were tripping over themselves to order it.


If there were ever a day that one needs an apron, it is Thanksgiving.  You have to be a good hostess (which means donning your nice clothes), while cooking (which means lots and lots of mesiness).  Why not keep tidy while looking fabulous in this throwback apron with a sweetheart cut?


These little gobblers are advertised as cupcake toppers, but I actually would like to see them stuck in hors d’oeuvres or on a cheese tray.


I know that these don’t exactly scream Thanksgiving, but I can’t help but imagine how much fun it would be to cook Thanksgiving dinner with all these fantastic flavors at my fingertips.


These are just the cutest!  You get 6 maple leaves and the seller will write whatever you want on them.  They could be great for an appetizer table, a dessert table or a sides station.  You could also write guests’ names on them and use them as place markers at the table or in a potted plant as leaves on your ‘thankful tree’.


Leftovers, leftovers, what to do with all of those leftovers?  Well in our family the answer is “What leftovers?”  But if you are like most people you will have a lot of food that you don’t necessarily want in your fridge anymore.  Make giving it away easier by packing up individual plates and attaching these little tags labeled with guests’ names to each one.  It’ll do away with all of that, “No, oh really, I couldn’t.  Are you sure you don’t want it?”  People take whatever has their name on it.  Its human nature…



Okay so I am a little partial to tea, but I do believe that these two little items make the best darn Thanksgiving hostess gift ever.  Forget the wine, everyone is already going to be full and drowsy.  Not to mention its so predictable!  This loose herbal tea(with bags) will help bloated diners digest their turkey and refresh their palate.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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