Wedding Trends: The Send Off

One of the funnest moments of a wedding is the send off. It’s also one of the most magical moments for the bride and groom and  one tradition that has remained unchanged for centuries. The send off is always one of my favorite things to see in wedding. Although the tradition of the wedding send off has remained constant, the guest contribution has differed, especially in recent years. Whether the send off is from the church or the reception, it is no longer rice that you will only see. The most popular way for guests to send the happy bride and groom off is with sparklers. The burst of sparks light up the night in a magical way, especially when all of your guests light a path for you. It’s spectacular especially during the summer and is as fun as it is beautiful. To top it all of, sparklers make for stunning photos. No wonder it’s so popular right now, huh? Streamers and flags are colorful, simple, elegant and also old fashioned. They both have been used for centuries and they are elements I’m glad have not faded from wedding affairs. Each is fun for adults and children and also makes for beautiful photos.

It’s more fitting to use them when leaving the church than when leaving the reception for the obvious reason that the reception usually ends well into the night. Make sure to use to them when you can because they make a lovely photo and are a timeless tradition to carry on.

Confetti is a newer alternative to rice. It’s something fun to throw in the air for kids and adults. It can also add a wealth of color to your wedding or simply fit the theme colors. It’s relatively easy to clean up, at least in comparison to rice and again, makes a memorable photo. You can also mix it up with metallic confetti or glitter, but be warned that glitter can get very messy. Party poppers, like confetti, aren’t just New Years. The sound and the streamers happening over and over as you walk to your cars will be unforgettable send off and fun for the everyone. After all, these are used for celebrations for a reason. These are versatile as they can be used at night as well as day, so it’s up to you to decide which send off to use it for.

Bubbles are the most simple and whimsical way to send off the new couple. They’re beautiful in multitudes and kids will especially appreciate them. But best of all, as mentioned before, they’re very simple. There is no clean up, no hassles and any problems can be rinsed away with a little water. They are best when used in the daytime though, so you will need to plan accordingly.

Flowers are a timeless classic, because they are so beautiful. They again make for beautiful photos and guests will love throwing them in the air and of course smelling them. These are also best when leaving the church and not when leaving the reception at night.

bells send off

To ring in the joy of the new couple, use bells. Rather than filling the air with confetti or flowers, you can fill it with the sounds of bells. It’s a very classic option that is far too uncommon today.

Rice is the most common way to send off a new couple. If you want to stick with tradition, this is the most prevalent tradition and it truly does never get old. To be friendlier to birds, try some bird seed instead.

The send off of the bride and groom is one of the longest lasting memories for both the guests and the couple. It sums up the wedding perfectly: two people beginning their life as one with their friends and family witnessing and celebrating with them. Mix some tradition with some uncommon ideas and you’re sure to have a striking wedding send off.

photos @ Style Me Pretty ~ Southern Weddings ~ One Fab Day ~ Violet & Ernest

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