11 Original Halloween Costumes for this Halloween

The biggest decision on Halloween (besides what to do) is what to be. What makes this so difficult is trying to think of a unique costume. Most people will dress up as this year’s politicians or movie characters, so something truly original will make you stand out. If you don’t to be yet another Snooki and have time to make something other than a quick Halloween costume, then here are some ideas for costumes that you probably won’t see this Halloween. 1.) VE Day Couple Kissing in Times Square As seen on our quick Halloween costumes list, the VE Day couple kissing in Times Square isn’t seen very much. It’s a great idea for couples and makes for an even better photo.

2.) Prisoner Just Escaped Get an old black and white striped prison uniform and poorly attempt to turn it into civilian clothing. It helps if you look a little ratty as if you just got out of the joint. Make it truly great by using prison lingo and look over your shoulder constantly throughout the night.3.) Matt Foley Maybe I just want to see this one brought back. It has been quite some time since Chris Farley made Matt Foley famous, so you will probably be the only one dressed as this amazing legend. Matt Foley is hilarious and therefore timeless, so don’t worry that it may be outdated. On that note, anyone seen the bumble bee from the Blind Melon video recently?

4.) Botched Plastic Surgery Sadly, this one is hard to make yourself, but you can buy one from many places. There are some with bulging cheeks and lips and others that have fully marked up body where cuts will go.

5.) Cheating Husband Wear a button up shirt that is buttoned all wrong and pants with the top button and belt undone. Top it off with lipstick on the collar or undershirt and messed up hair. You can also add a kiss of lipstick on the face. Wear only one shoe if you’re daring and don’t mind walking around that way all night.

6.) Cheating Wife Put a skirt on backwards and tucked into pantyhose along with a messy shirt also tucked into the skirt all wrong. Have one shoulder showing with a lacy bra sticking out. Top it all off with smeared lipstick and messy hair.

courtesy of clothesmonaut.wordpress.com

7.) Old Time Movie Star Dress only black, white and gray. To really sell it, paint your skin gray and spray paint your hair as well.

courtesy of goodenoughmother.com

8.) Stood Up Prom Date Wear a tacky prom dress with your hair badly done as well (think Deb from Napoleon Dynamite). Then, smear some makeup and have mascara running down your face as if you’ve been crying. To perfect the look, carry around tissues, especially crumpled up ones in a gaudy purse.

9.) Rainbow This one is especially great for guys. Get a few guys together and have each one of them dress up as a different colored arch. Trust me, it will get some laughs. And, if you have another friend that wants to join, have him dress up as a leprechaun carrying a pot of gold behind you all night.

courtesy of theplace2.ru

10.) Chuck Norris Need I explain why this is amazing?

courtesy of charmedtasha.blogspot.com

11.) Comic Book Character We always thought those characters looked cool growing up, but what would one look like in real life? If you don’t mind wearing lots of make up, then you can find out and have the best costume for posing for photos.


Hopefully these give you some inspiration and if you decide to dress up with one of these costumes, let us know about it!

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