Cutest Costumes for Kids this Halloween

Halloween is coming up as you know and costumes are everywhere. I have seen kids’ costumes everywhere in the past few weeks and I can’t help but look through them. They’re so cute I can’t resist it! I only have my adorable nephews who I believe will be the Ninja Turtles this year and I love seeing what they go as each year. Last year they were Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong {while Bonnie and her husband went as Princess Peach and Bowser}, and they year before that, they were a fireman and a dalmatian. It’s so fun to see what all kids dress as, because I love seeing some cool Halloween costumes for kids. So, if you need help with your little one, hopefully these can give you some inspiration for costumes for your little ones, so you have some more ideas than the ordinary dracula, witch, mummy, frankenstein, etc. Enjoy!

I’ve never seen a scarecrow look so cute. Jazz up the ordinary scarecrow costume with a dress and autumn elements. The hat is adorable and I love the touches of the sunflower and the patch on the nose. This take on a scarecrow turns the boyish ragged pants into a lovely girly outfit. If you have some sewing skills, I highly suggest making this 🙂

This one is so creative and anyone could do it. I’ve never seen a penny costume before. Just get some cardboard, spray paint and a few other bronzing elements to make this patriotic and inventive Halloween costume come to life. If your kids want group costumes, maybe you can do nickel, quarter or dollar costumes, too.

As far as chickens go, I think this is the cutest you will ever find. The great thing is that it’s DIY as well, so anyone can do it! If your child wants to have some walking around cawing and flapping their wings the entire night, this is the perfect costume and you are sure to be receiving compliments throughout the night.

Make your little boy into a garden gnome (or the Travelocity roaming gnome) with just a few specific articles of clothes, a furry beard and a pointy hat. Also like many other costumes, it’s DIY and very simple to do. And if you have a pipe, it will be the perfect detail.

This adorable little sea creature is creative and simple. To get this octopus, just stuff some socks, sew on some buttons and then attach the tentacles to a belt. The hat is a simple sew job to add some googley eyes. Your kid will probably also love twirling in circles all night watching the legs twirl.

How can you look at this one and not completely love it? I have never seen Gus Gus done as Halloween costume before, and it is genius! It’s so cute and perfect for a pudgy baby with some cute baby fat rolls. I know a chubby baby that could model this outfit 😉 And of course, it’s very simple to make.

I haven’t seen a Strawberry Shortcake costume done before, probably because it’s a classic, older character. As you can see though, it’s absolutely adorable and makes a great costume for any little girl. It’s another costume that’s also easy to make. Just add some rosy, red cheeks to this costume and you have it!

This probably isn’t a Halloween costume by itself, but it’s a great addition to a costume. Any outfit that involves a jet pack or maybe an imaginative astronaut would be perfect. You just need a pop bottles, spray paint and fabric. It’s perfect if you have a few imaginative ideas in mind.

Maybe it’s the little girl in me, but I love this costume. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and I always wanted to be Belle. I never was, but if I could do it again, I would get a dress like this. I think I would need the gloves, though 🙂

This are good sibling costumes, especially when there is a baby involved. For baby who can’t walk, wrapping them up in a warm blanket to make them into a caterpillar is a great idea for a costume. And most girls would love to be a butterfly with beautiful wings.

Okay, this one isn’t original, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. And of course, the oompa loompa costume is a perfect size for a little kid.
You might have seen an owl costume done before, but this is a cute DIY version of it. I love it because it’s colorful and in an autumn way. Like the chicken outfit, your child can run around flapping their wings and hooting all night.

I saved the best for last. This is the best Halloween costume I’ve seen so far. If Kip came to my door, I would probably give him the rest of the candy. It’s so simple and so cool. Again, if you want group costumes, pull together a Napoleon, Pedro, Deb and Uncle Rico!

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your kids’ Halloween costumes this year. And no matter what, you got to be see some adorable Halloween costumes, and isn’t that the best part of Halloween as an adult?

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