Best Simple & Scary DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is not far away which means that if you do not yet have your decorations up that you probably soon will. There are many lovely decorations you can put up. However, kids look forward to being scared on All Hallows’ Eve. Each house they walk up to is another chance for them to be scared out of their minds and another story to tell the next day at school. To help you achieve that local celebrity status, I have gathered some easy, DIY Halloween decorations that will scare your trick or treaters right off your doorstep. For more ideas, check out our new post on more scary DIY outdoor Halloween decorations.

Creep kids out with this glass jar of pickled brains sitting next to the candy bowl. The redder the juice, the better. And, if you follow this recipe, you can eat them as well. So, as the kids pick out candy, you can reach into the jar and casually eat some brains.

Okay, in full disclosure, this one does involve a bit of shopping. Buy skeleton parts. But, rather than hanging them or standing them upright, place some bones to stick out of a mound of dirt either on the ground (maybe in a fresh grave) or in a wheelbarrow near the front porch. It should frighten kids if they happen to bump into it while getting candy.

These shrunken heads should confuse the kids. Very few of them will probably be able to guess that they are apples, which means that you can tell them that they are real for the night. Just follow this recipe for a little barbaric decoration.

In my opinion, bats are not used enough in Halloween decorations. My guess is that this is due to their size. They can be quite scary though, especially when kids cannot see the black flying rats in the dark. Decorate a dim lit place that kids will walk by and get jumps throughout the night.

This is one of my favorite DIY Halloween decorations, because it can be done in practically any neighborhood. Either cut out some circles from glow-in-the-dark foam or cut circles from cardstock and color them in with glow-in-the-dark markers. Then, create some scary eyes and stick them on the trees all around your house. This will give kids the impression that they are being watched while they visit your house.

Make a creepy ‘beware’ sign using some old wood, twigs and staples. Take a tattered piece of wood and jaggedly spell out ‘BEWARE’ or another ominous phrase using twigs. Then, secure the twigs by nailing in insulated staples. The more rough barbed wire-ish it looks, the better.

Stick some bones that you have left over from the skeleton from the above decoration into a few large jars along with ash, dirt and/or cobwebs to create one of the coolest DIY Halloween decorations.

This jack-o-lantern is creepy and most definitely original. If you have some pumpkin-carving skills, give it a try, because it is sure to impress and make the kids take a double take.

For some eerie ghost-like creatures, grab some chicken wire and put your sculpting skills to work.

It is usually common to have some legs sticking out from somewhere along the house around Halloween. You can make them a bit more special by turning them into the legs of the wicked witch of the east. Just stuff yellow and black striped stockings with socks and then place the ruby red slippers on the ends of them.

These ghosts are great way to light up your path or house and when mixed with pumpkins, brings a beautiful mixture of orange and white hues. As a plus for your kids, with these, they can decorate more than just pumpkins. Just cut a small hole on the back at the bottom of the jug and insert a string of lights and created faces with black permanent marker.

These luminary bags are cute and ominous. You can create your own or buy premade bags of various designs. They will probably not do much to deter kids, but they (and most likely their parents) will appreciate the effort.

A man-eating pumpkin should amuse the kids as they reach into the candy bowl. The original creator himself said that he used hummingbird syrup as the blood, which looks much more realistic than ketchup. Or you can also buy cheap fake blood.

I believe that rats and crows are very underused and underrated. So, whether you simply stick a cutout onto your pillars or stash mice along the path, it it fun to add touches of these little guys, because they are both a little creepy regardless of what time of year it is. You can buy rat cutouts and crow cutouts for cheap if you don’t want to make them yourself.

Along with these DIY Halloween decorations, you can make some of your own mummies, ghosts, scarecrows and tombstones to place along beside to your jack-o-lanterns crawling with spider webs. If all else falls, you can be like my dad and pull out the silly string when the trick or treaters come. Do you have any Halloween decorations that you look forward to putting up each year? Let us know below.

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