Top 10 Things my dogs do that drive me crazy {Oh Amanda}

My dogs drive me crazy.  Just to let you know in case the title didn’t give it away. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces. More than I ever thought  I could.  They are like my children.  But who has kids that don’t drive them crazy too? Anyone? Anyone?  If your kids never run crazy circles around in your head please tell me what your secret is, cause my sister-in-law Bonnie would kill for that info.

Anyway, lately I have been coming home from work to dogs that have torn up the house, or are running in circles waiting for my attention. Either way I want to pull my hair out at times.  So, I decided to join Oh Amanda’s Tuesday Top Ten link up.  Check it out!  And come back here to IP every Tuesday for a new Tuesday Top Ten.  Here’s mine today:

Top 10 Things My Dogs Do That Drive Me Crazy


10. They have more energy than me on eight cups of coffee.

I am trying to be a more physically fit person, but despite my lack of a daily workout routine I have always been an active person.  I like to get outdoors and do things.  So, I take these two rascals on walks daily and try to play with them a bunch but it never seems to drain their energy.  They rarely calm down and it’s tiring me out!

Hey, at least my arms are getting stronger….

9. They lick anyone and anything

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be licked. Who does? But I can put up with the occasional dog lick….. unless it’s incessant.    So, when I come into a room and am immediately licked on the leg or arm over and over again by one or both of my dogs I get a little irritated.  Plus, it’s not just me they lick.  My guests get it too and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my sister scream, “Stop it! No! Oh gross” and run into another room to get away from them. It’s torturous to some people.

8. They bite…. well, gnaw a lot.

I have a 2 year old dog and a 7 month old puppy and both of them like to gnaw on raw hide chews.  Not a problem! That’ what they are there for.  But when the puppy starts gnawing on the legs of every table in the house I start to hear screams.  Yeah, they are coming from me but still they are shrill to me ears.  I also have to worry about the edges of the couch, door frames, low wooden cabinet knobs and (yes you are hearing this right) the wooden bed frame under the bed.  This brings me to number 7.

7. They crawl under the bed.

Mostly it’s the puppy (again…) but they both go under there.  I hate it because I never know if – in California – there is going to be some earthquake and the bed is going to collapse on them.  Plus, they hide under there when they know I’m upset with them or grab something they shouldn’t have and run under there to chew it apart.  But then there are times they just go there to sleep. I know it’s cavernous to them and I’m cool with that aspect, but it’s hard to get them out when they’re under there. Just drives me nuts!

6. They bark at each other when they want something from the other.

I know barking is their way of communicating at times but don;t they use energy too? According to Caesar Milan they do so why the barking? Inscecent barking….. When one of them is resting and the other wants to play they bark to say “Get up! I want to play!” Or if one of them has a chew and the other one wants it (they are very jealous things) they bark and bark and bark. This again leads me to another item: number 5.

5. They are very jealous of what the other one has.

As I mentioned just a second ago, they will fight and bark if one of them has a chew that the other one wants. Oh and it doesn’t matter if they both have a chew or a toy or a treat of their own, they want what the other one has and will fight, bark, whine and even try to steal to get that thing.  It’s so irritating.

4. They dig into every blanket.

This may sound funny, but trust me when there is a blanket around they will want to sit on it.  And that blanket must be fluffed up and in perfect position or they won’t relax.  So, this means they dig at it.  With their claws.  What do you think happens? Holes.  Yup, they make nice open holes in the blankets.  I love coming home to new holes in all the blankets everyday.  It’s thrilling!

3. They play on walks.

This may sound innocent and fun (and it is when you first see it) but after you’ve been on a walk for 45min. and you are tired, the last thing in the world you want are two dogs -on leashes mind you- pull all over the place because they are play fighting and chasing each other.  You might have to see this one to believe it.

2. They won’t eat their dog food unless there is meat in it.  

This one is my fault because I spoiled them with their food early on in their lives and now they just don’t want anything less.  But it still drives me crazy because I keep trying to ween them off of it to no avail….. so now I just have to put a bit of meat in their food everyday to get them to eat…. oh well.

1. They jump all over me when I get home.

This one needs no explanation.

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